1-MBA and Master of Public Health Dual Degree Program

The Application is Closed

The application process is currently closed, but you can save your progress and submit it once the application re-opens in Fall for the 2025 intake.


Public Health has come to the forefront of policy development both in government and private business. The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for public health and government officials, as well as stakeholders in private business, to coordinate and define policy to improve education, awareness, and public safety in the context of defending the population against an advancing threat. The Lehigh University 1-MBA/MPH will develop expertise and skills in business and management and apply them to solving crucial issues in health and healthcare.

If you are a professional looking for a unique 2-year program that will enable you to confidently pivot in your health career with the best tools and opportunities, the Lehigh 1-MBA/MPH program is the ideal fit.


Public Health Leaders Create Impact

The 1-MBA/MPH Dual Degree will develop you into a career advocate for sound and effective health policy and place you as a key stakeholder at the convergence of science, education, innovation, and policy. You will gain expertise in the core domains of public health, investigate and address the determinants of health using data science, and develop novel and effective avenues for disease prevention and health promotion.


Business Experience Meets Policy-Making

In 18 months, you will earn both an MBA and an MPH. The Lehigh 1-MBA/MPH merges opportunity, rigor, and speed for professionals ready to pivot in their careers and reach new levels. This unique program allows you to leverage the experience and acumen of your own personalized four-person mentoring team. Our externship project immersion that's part of a consulting practicum, and our public health capstone/field experience will maximize your potential and turn your career aspirations into reality.

The Lehigh University 1-MBA/MPH Dual Degree program is ideal for those interested in advancing their careers in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Occupational Health, and Health Care.


1. A Dedicated Mentoring Team

You will be assigned a mentoring team prior to arriving on campus. Your personalized team of advisors include:

  • 1-MBA and MPH  Program Faculty Advisors – Your Academic Guides to Program Success
  • Industry Executive Advisor  – Your Access to Building New Networks
  • Career Coach – To Build Your Personal Brand & Help Set Your Career Goals

Your mentor team is specifically focused on your professional goals and career aspirations. They will not only serve as mentors, but they will assist you with professional development opportunities. Your successful completion of the 1-MBA/MPH is a major priority of your mentoring team.


2. The MBA Consulting Practicum

The MBA Consulting Practicum will introduce you to fundamental consulting skills and provide knowledge, training, and development through relevant activities and experiences. Our EXTERNSHIPseries company projects transition you into substantive, practical experiences by having you serve in a consulting capacity on real company projects. You will be tackling real world problems to gain the hands-on experience employers seek in the graduating MBA candidates they recruit.

With consideration of your industry interest and skill set, you will be placed on a team of 3-4 people and paired with a series of company projects. You will have various deliverables throughout the program while keeping in close contact with the company client and being guided by your faculty instructor.


3. MBA Capstone Unifying Experience and Professional Development

The 1-MBA includes a capstone experience that enables students to integrate learning across the entire program curriculum.

There are varying opportunities for Professional Development to ensure you get the most out of your MBA experience.

The goal of the Capstone Learning Professional Development and Global Immersion experiences is to prepare you for unprecedented challenges and set you on your way to life-long success.


4. The MPH Applied Practice Experience/Capstone

As part of the MPH degree, all students must complete an Applied Practice Experience (APE). This is a supervised learning experience that connects the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom with the practice of public health. The APE provides students with opportunities to develop and refine problem-solving skills through the application of public health theories and methods in the field. It also allows students to explore career options and strengthen their network of public health professionals.

The Capstone is another required component of the MPH degree. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students select foundational and concentration-specific competencies relevant to the student’s educational and professional goals. The Capstone represents a culminating experience where the student produces a high-quality written product in which they synthesize information from their coursework with original research in public health.


5. Unique Curriculum Approach

You’ll begin with a series of core, foundational courses that will prepare you in the business fundamentals starting with Project Management. From there, you will begin to focus on courses taught from the stakeholder perspective. Societal shift courses are interwoven throughout the program and are designed to enable you to grapple with macro-level issues and challenges that affect businesses on a global scale. Throughout the One-year program, The Consulting Practicum’s EXTERNSHIPseries projects are designed to fully immerse you with hands-on experiential learning. The 1-MBA curriculum culminates with experiencing full integration of your knowledge in the Capstone Course. This unique curriculum approach provides you with a framework for navigating the business landscape throughout the course of your career.

During your first Spring semester, you will take foundational courses in public health, which include courses on epidemiology, health data and computational science, and health services, administration, politics, and policy. In the following semesters you will be given additional training in methods, and will take additional courses that refine your capacity to evaluate public health policies and interventions. As with the MBA component of the joint degree, the College of Health MPH curriculum incorporates different forms of experiential learning. Along with more traditional fieldwork opportunities, many of your courses will involve the use of real world data, and will provide opportunities for you to conduct analysis that you will share with public health professionals and policy makers. 


Curriculum Overview (77 credits)

Pending Final University Approval


Admissions Process

Requirement: Must have a minimum of 2 years professional work experience.

Applicants need to formally apply to the 1-MBA program first in order to be reviewed by both programs’ admission committees as conditions for acceptance into the dual degree program.

Under College of Business in our Graduate Application, select 1-MBA and Masters of Public Health as your program selection. This annual dual-degree program only begins in the Summer term.  

Applicants should address both programs in the essay section of the application.

Individual program terms and conditions for acceptance apply.


Tuition & Scholarship Opportunities

Please refer to the 1-MBA tuition page for more information. Please note that scholarship opportunities are available for both degree programs. For more information, please contact business@lehigh.edu and reference 1-MBA/MPH dual degree programs.


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