1-MBA and Master of Public Health Dual Degree Program

Lehigh offers a Dual Degree Program combining the College of Business 1-MBA and the College of Health Master of Public Health

The 1-MBA and Master of Public Health (MPH) dual degree program offers participating students the opportunity to gain strong strategic business skills with a focus on public health. The 1-MBA/MPH dual degree program enables students interested in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Occupational Health, and Health Care industries to capture two complimentary degrees within a one and a half year timeframe.

About the 1-MBA Program

The Lehigh one year, full-time 1-MBA program is designed for professionals who wish to either pivot their careers toward a business-related area, which may not be in their previous field of employment, or accelerate their career growth within their chosen field. It is a one year, rigorous curriculum that includes the functional areas of business and embraces the shared value model that recognizes various stakeholders in today’s high-tech, modern societies.

About the MPH Program

The mission of the College of Health is to leverage population health as a convergence science to understand, preserve and improve the health and well-being of populations and communities through excellence and innovation in education, research and service. Through the lens of social justice, the College cultivates the next generation of highly skilled and diverse scientists and leaders in population health through novel and interdisciplinary course work, distance learning and experiential learning opportunities. The MPH degree prepares students to work in a variety of local, state, national, and global public health research, practice, and policymaking settings. Students gain expertise in the core domains of public health, investigate and address the determinants of health using data science, and develop novel and effective avenues for disease prevention, and health promotion.

1-MBA/MPH Dual Degree Curriculum

Start 1-MBA:

Summer Session Year 1 (Total 9 credits)

Fall Semester Year 1 (Total 18 credits)

Module 1 (7 weeks)
Functional Area Core Knowledge

Module II (7 weeks)
Stakeholders Perspective

Fall-Full Module (14 weeks)
The Fall-Full Module courses run across the entire 14 week fall semester.

Winter Session Year 1 (Total 4 credits)

Spring Semester Year 1 (Total 16 credits)

Start MPH:

Summer Session Year 2 (9 credits)

Fall Semester Year 2 (18 credits)

Total Credits: 74

Steps in the Application Process (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

  • Applicants need to formally apply to the 1-MBA program in order to be reviewed by both programs’ admission committees as conditions for acceptance into the dual degree program.**
  • Applicants should address both programs in the essay section of the application.

** Individual program terms and conditions for acceptance apply

Have questions about Lehigh's 1-MBA/MPH Dual Degree Program? Please contact the Graduate Programs Office at business@lehigh.edu or 610-758-4450.

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