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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Minor Overview

The Supply Chain Management minor is designed to offer students in other disciplines an opportunity to learn about the implications of supply chain issues. The College of Business offers a Supply Chain Management minor to any student that has completed the following prerequisites:

  • SCM 186: Supply Chain Operations Management

The Supply Chain Management minor consists of 3 courses equaling 9 credit hours:

All SCM minors take the following two (2) courses:

  • SCM 309: Supply, Cost, and Risk Management (3)
  • SCM 354: Integrated Logistics and Transportation Management (3)

Plus one (1) of the following:

  • SCM 340: Demand and Supply Chain Planning (3)
  • SCM 342: E-Business Enterprise Applications (3)
  • SCM 345: Analytic Approaches to Supply Chain Management (3)

For more information, please contact Professor Saif Mir.

Declare the Supply Chain Management Minor

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