Lehigh University's College of Business offers Specialty Masters Programs in economics, financial engineering, and business management.  

Specialty Masters Programs

MS in Applied Economics
The MS in Applied Economics program is a relatively rare economics program because it is one of the few business-school-offered programs that is completely focused on the Masters level. While there is the option to apply to continue toward a PhD, the focal point of this program is on the Master's degree itself.

MS in Financial Engineering 
The MS in Financial Engineering program is a cutting-edge, 30 credit-hour program designed to provide students with a strong education in advanced finance and quantitative financial analysis tools using key concepts from financial theory, applied mathematics, and engineering. With these building blocks, program graduates will become instrumental in the creation of innovative solutions for real financial problems, using state of the art analytical techniques and computing technology. The curriculum is intended for career opportunities in areas such as portfolio management, securities trading, investment banking, risk management, and financial information systems. 

MS in Management
The MS in Management (M2) program is a 9 month, full-time, cohort program designed for students with a non-business undergraduate degree and less than one year professional work experience. It paves the path from college to career by building a business skill toolbox that helps you define your career goals, sharpen your business acumen, and receive the experiential learning that sets you apart. M2 provides the perfect launch pad for a positive and rewarding career trajectory.

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