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MS in Financial Engineering Students 2023

A cutting-edge, 36 credit-hour program.

Program Overview

The Lehigh MS in Financial Engineering program is a cutting-edge, 36 credit-hour program designed to provide a strong education in advanced finance and quantitative financial analysis tools using key concepts from financial theory, applied mathematics, and engineering. With these building blocks, graduates will become instrumental in the creation of innovative solutions for real financial problems, using state of the art analytical techniques and computing technology. 

This challenging program is normally completed in two years. The program can be completed in less than two years with approval from a Program Director after a transcript review to determine if the previous coursework taken prior to Lehigh University aligns with a shorter degree completion timeline for the program. Lehigh University undergraduates accepted to the 4+1 Masters in Financial Engineering program have a pathway to complete the graduate degree in one year.   

Students will often attend class with Ph.D. students. The curriculum is intended for career opportunities in areas such as portfolio management, securities trading, investment banking, risk management, and financial information systems. 


in Best MFE Program by TFE Times in 2023
was the median salary of those who accepted positions in N. America from the class of 2022
Average GPA
Average GMAT
Average GRE Quant Score
Year the Program was Created

Interpretability and Reinforcement Learning - 2021 Quant / Financial Engineering Conference


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Additional Information

MSFE Graduate Success

Graduate Success

MS in Financial Engineering Graduates enjoy successful careers with risk management groups, data analytics companies, and hedge fund firms.

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daniel conus

MFE Professor of the Year Award

Professor Daniel Conus, Program Director / Mathematics, won the 2022-23 MFE Professor of the Year Award.

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MSFE Podcast

The Quant/Financial Engineering Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Program Manager Patrick Zoro, aims to capture the latest trends in Data, Finance, and Risk Management.


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