Meet Our One Year MBA Program Career Coaches

Each of Our Students Receive Professional Coaching in the One Year MBA Program

One Year MBA Program Career Coaches provide professional guidance to students as they undergo their post-graduate continuous professional development. They bring experience in the professional coaching of executives and help students understand their strengths and their development needs, how to effectively function in a team project environment, how to build strong networking relationships and how to assess fit with potential career and job opportunities.

Career Coaches spend time debriefing and interpreting assessment instruments to help students understand where their strengths match the needs of the organization, as well as provide specific guidance as the students navigate their career management choices. 

Meet our Career Coaches below and learn why they are a part of the Lehigh one year MBA program!

Barbara Berger 2

Barbara Berger

Career & Executive Coach: Founder of Career Wellness Partners

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Dr. Carol-Anne Minski

Dr. Carol-Anne Minski

Founder of CMA Leadership Consultants

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Michelle Riklan

Founder of Riklan Resources

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