One Year MBA Program Curriculum

Lehigh's One Year MBA has a Unique Curriculum Approach

You’ll begin with a series of core courses starting with Project Management and shortly followed by a variety of foundational courses that will prepare you in the business fundamentals. These courses are followed by courses taught from the stakeholder perspective. Societal shift courses are interwoven throughout the program and are designed to enable you to grapple with macro-level issues and challenges that affect businesses on a global scale.

Throughout the 47-credit, one year program, The Consulting Practicum’s EXTERNSHIPseries projects are designed to fully immerse you with hands-on experiential learning. The 1-MBA curriculum culminates with experiencing full integration of your knowledge in the Capstone Course.

1-MBA Curriculum Overview

Summer Semester (Total 9 credits)

Fall Semester (Total 18 credits)

Module 1 (7 weeks)
Functional Area Core Knowledge

Module II (7 weeks)
Stakeholders Perspective

Fall-Full Module (14 weeks)
The Fall-Full Module courses run across the entire 14 week fall semester.

Winter Intersession (Total 4 credits)

Spring Semester (Total 16 credits)

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