FLEX MBA Program in Educational Leadership

Lehigh's MBA & Educational Leadership Program leads graduates to careers on the business side of education

Are you interested in getting an MBA that you can utilize in the field of education? Not only is the landscape of business changing, but the landscape of education as well. The Lehigh FLEX MBA has teamed with the College of Education to offer the joint MBA & Educational Leadership (MELBA) degree in order to address the new demands by taxpayers for more fiscal and organizational accountability from school boards, administrators, and principals. 

The MELBA degree focuses on the critical skills needed to make sound decisions—budgetary, personnel, and planning—that are required in today's educational systems. It also offers the opportunity to acquire a solid foundation in both business and education. While supporting expertise in the area of instructional supervision and training are emphasized, MELBA also provides a framework where excellent education and sound business practices can flourish. 

This 45 credit joint degree program is taught in an interactive manner by faculty who are leaders in their field with a wealth of practical experience. The credit breakdown is as follows: 

  • FLEX MBA Core Curriculum, MBA 401-404—14 credits
  • Integrative Experience
  • Business Electives—5 credits 
  • Education Core Curriculum—22 credits
  • Education Electives—3 credits 

Prerequisites [not required for admission] include: principles of economics, basic statistics, financial accounting, and proficiency in Microsoft Office or equivalent. 

Students do not need to have prior teaching experience to enroll. Core courses have been developed and coordinated by both the College of Education and the College of Business to ensure that graduates bring their future positions an extraordinary array of skills to manage human and financial resources efficiently—while safeguarding quality education. Graduates of the MELBA program will be prepared to succeed as School Superintendents, Principals, Business Managers, and School District Administrators. 

Interested in Lehigh's MBA & Educational Leadership degree? Want to learn more? For more information, please contact the Business Graduate Programs Office, at (610) 758-4450 and business@lehigh.edu or Floyd Beachum, Bennett Professor of Urban School Leadership, College of Education, at (610) 758-5955 and fdb209@lehigh.edu.