Accelerated 4+1 MS in Financial Engineering Program

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Maximize your potential with Lehigh’s Accelerated 4+1 MS in Financial Engineering (MFE) Program.

This 4+1 program provides Lehigh undergraduate students with a clear path to fulfilling master’s degree requirements in a one-year post-baccalaureate program.



Lehigh undergraduate students can enter the Accelerated 4+1 MFE program at any time during their undergraduate degree pursuit. However, early adoption of the accelerated program is more likely to guarantee completion of the master’s degree in Financial Engineering in a one-year timeframe.



Undergraduate students with room in their schedules may have the opportunity to take and reserve graduate-level (400-level) courses during their undergraduate study. A maximum of 6 graduate-level credits is permitted to be reserved toward the 36 credits required for the MS in Financial Engineering degree. The catalog page provides details on how undergraduates may petition to enroll in 400-level courses. These courses are then to be reserved by submitting a petition for the graduate degree. Graduate-level courses may NOT be used to fulfill ANY undergraduate requirement. Contact Mary Gulick at for any questions related to this process. 


Tuition Savings

Undergraduate students who reserve 6 graduate credits towards the degree enjoy graduate tuition savings by reducing the number of credits that need to be taken as graduate students. Undergraduate students who are not able to reserve graduate-level courses will be granted a 20% tuition award on the graduate tuition needed to complete 36 graduate-level credits toward this degree.


4 + 1 Advisor

A faculty advisor from your undergraduate college is assigned to you to assist you in navigating the pathway to the fulfillment of all requirements.


Guaranteed Admission

Any Lehigh undergraduate student graduating with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and who has taken the minimum prerequisite courses would automatically be admitted into the MFE Program for the start of the next semester after completing the requirements for an undergraduate Lehigh degree. Undergraduate students must file an abbreviated graduate application, confirming their intention to continue into graduate study. 


Required Courses

Program open to all Lehigh undergraduate majors and prospective undergraduate students that incorporate the following coursework into their undergraduate degree.

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Investments

Other highly recommended, but not required, coursework includes Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Optimization. Note that students with equivalent courses from an undergraduate degree program that is part of the required MFE coursework will be given credit for fulfilling the field requirement and will be permitted to replace the credits from the list of approved electives. The program director(s) must approve courses for each student’s choice of electives. The MFE Program will still require 36 credit hours.

Typically, students studying in the following BS/BA disciplines would qualify:

  • Economics
  • Engineering (all types, but especially Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Finance
  • Mathematics (all types, but especially Applied Mathematics or Statistics)

This list of BS/BA degrees is not meant to be exhaustive. Other disciplines would be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Pathways for Qualified Majors

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June 29, 2023: Program and Registration Information for Incoming Freshman



Mary Gulick
Director, Graduate Student Affairs
Phone: 610-758-5280


Graduate Programs Office
Phone: 610-758-4450