One-Year MBA Pre-MBA Knowledge

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Establishing a Level Playing Field Prior to Your Arrival

Lehigh University’s 1-MBA prides itself on admitting a diverse student population made up of students with both business and nonbusiness undergraduate degrees as evidenced by our Class Profile. Our commitment to recruiting a diverse MBA cohort requires us to communicate to incoming students general foundational skill set that promote student success in the 1-MBA program. Academic leveling courses are self-paced online trainings that provide an overview of core foundational knowledge associated with the 1-MBA program. The self-paced trainings are designed for students to complete in the spring semester/early summer, prior to starting the 1-MBA program.  The trainings are designed for non-business majors, allowing students to become familiar with introductory business skills. Additionally, the trainings are helpful to students who have taken undergraduate courses in business, but need a refresher to the content. The flexibility of the trainings allow for students that have been admitted in later rounds to the program to have an opportunity to complete the trainings prior to their arrival.  For the 1-MBA Program, academic leveling courses are strongly recommended to be completed by students meeting the following criteria:

  • Students who have not successfully completed an undergraduate course in Accounting
  • Students who have not successfully completed an undergraduate course in Economics
  • Students who have not successfully completed an undergraduate course in Finance
  • Students who have not successfully completed an undergraduate course(s) in Quantitative Areas (examples include: Calculus, Algebra)

Lehigh University encourages admitted 1-MBA students who have not taken a college-level course in these areas in the past five years to register for an academic leveling course. A comprehensive list of the recommended core foundational skills required of 1-MBA students can be made available for deposited students by contacting the 1-MBA Program Director, Kevin Ezzell at


Time to Complete and Cost

Each of the four modules takes approximately 20 hours to complete to achieve the certificate of completion. Because 1-MBA students will differ in what undergraduate courses each has taken, the total time commitment should not exceed 80 hours of preparation time. Students may purchase each of the modules needed individually at a cost of $60 per module, therefore the total cost of the trainings will not exceed $240. Students will be required to pay for an access code for each course account via a provided website with payment required on either a credit or debit card. The trainings have been used in dozens of countries, so there should not be an issue enrolling in the training outside of the United States.    


Notification to Take MBA Leveling Trainings 

Once a 1-MBA applicant has been admitted, the Graduate Program Office will communicate if any MBA leveling trainings will be recommended for the individual, along with registration information with the letter of admission.  The student should provide the certificate of completion for each leveling training to the 1-MBA Program Director prior the start of the cohort. 


Accessing Pre-MBA Leveling Training 

All Pre-MBA Leveling Training can be accessed and purchased here. Students will be required to purchase codes on the corresponding website to gain access to the leveling training. 



Please contact Kevin Ezzell, Senior Director of Graduate Admissions, with any questions at or (610) 758-3418.