One Year MBA Program Tuition and Expenses

Gain Better Value with Our One-Year MBA Program

Traditional 2 year full-time MBA programs can cost $200,000 on average, according to the Financial Times. Furthermore, the opportunity cost (money you don't earn while you're in the classroom instead of at a job) is estimated at an additional $123,000.

Our one-year MBA program benefits you by delivering the traditional MBA experience in less time, thereby saving you tuition dollars and lowering your opportunity cost.


Pre-MBA Leveling Training

$240 maximum cost
(optional and determined on a student by student basis based on previous undergraduate courses)


One-Year MBA Tuition Cost



One Year MBA Tuition Payment

Program Year 2022-2023. 

Tuition is payable in four semester payments. 

Approximate Payment Breakdown:

Summer: $13,780.00
Fall: $24,115.00
Winter: $6,890.00
Spring: $24,115.00


Wellness Fee

$100/semester (Fall, Spring). Total of $200/year.

The Wellness Fee supports the Health Center in its mission to provide access to access to physical and mental health care. 


One-Year MBA Financial Guarantee (International Applicants Only)

International applicants who accept the offer of admission must submit a copy of the financial guarantee demonstrating sufficient funds to meet educational expenses for the full program. Include a letter of sponsorship if the expenses will be paid by someone other than the student. The minimum amount you must cover to show solvency for immigration documents is $94,974 and includes the following costs:

Tuition (includes Wellness Fee) $69,100
Health Insurance & Other Expenses $4,664
11 Month Living Expenses $21,210
Total $94,974

Please note: $94,974 is the minimum amount you must show for immigration purposes. The student's actual expenses will be greater. Financial guarantee does not cover the cost of optional immersion program during intersession, as well as personal and transportation expenses.

The financial guarantee amount is strictly an estimate. 

1-MBA Business Analytics, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Financial Management Concentrations

For International applicants who are pursuing the 1-MBA Business Analytics, Marketing, Supply Chain Management or Financial Management concentration (August diploma), the minimum amount you must cover to show solvency for immigration documents is $101,314 and includes the following costs:

Tuition (includes Wellness Fee) $69,100
Health Insurance & Other Expenses $4,664
12 Month Living Expenses $27,550
Total $101,314

International 1-MBA students who matriculate to Lehigh University as 1-MBA students and change their concentration to Business Analytics will be required to provide financial guarantee for the additional living expenses associated with this concentration. This additional guarantee would need to be provided to the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) before the request to extend the F-1 visa can be granted.


I-20 Immigration Information



The Office of Housing Services maintains graduate student housing in the Saucon Village Apartment Complex and at Packer House. More information can be found on the Housing Services website.

The office also maintains lists of off-campus apartment listings, which can be found by emailing

The Office of Graduate Student Life website contains comprehensive information on temporary and permanent housing, roommate forums and finders, a list of off-campus apartments, and links to local newspaper classifieds. Information on leases and city inspections may be obtained here too.

*Subject to change at the discretion of Lehigh University


Health Insurance

Lehigh University requires all full-time (registered for at least 9 credits)  and certified full-time graduate students to have health insurance. Lehigh offers students a health insurance plan through University Health Plans.  All international graduate students with F-1 or J-1 visa status must purchase the student health insurance provided by Lehigh University. Domestic students may waive the requirement to purchase this insurance by following the procedures outlined on the University Bursar's website.  

The cost for AY 2022-23 is $2259.00 for coverage from 8/15/2022 to 8/14/2023.  See the links below for plan costs and deadlines if the student’s program start date is other than the fall semester. Students in programs that start in Summer Session II (1-MBA and MS in Business Analytics) should select the option to add additional months.  Students must be registered for courses in order to enroll in the university’s plan.

Part-time students are not eligible to purchase insurance through Lehigh University's student plan.

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