One-Year MBA Program Information

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The Lehigh One-Year MBA Program merges opportunity, rigor, and speed for professionals ready to pivot in their careers and reach new levels. The program is experiential learning that truly goes way beyond. 

The Lehigh one-year, full-time 1-MBA program is designed for professionals who wish to either pivot their careers toward a business-related area, or accelerate their career growth within their chosen field. Its one-year, rigorous curriculum includes the functional areas of business and embraces the shared value model that recognizes various stakeholders in today’s high-tech, modern societies. Students will fully immerse themselves into the program by temporarily stepping away from their profession to focus solely on their studies.

The one-year duration of this full-time, cohort program model, when compared to the traditional two-year MBA full-time model, significantly reduces the opportunity costs of those who forego their current employment to attend.


Features and Benefits of the 1-MBA


1. A Dedicated Mentoring Team

You will be assigned a mentoring team prior to arriving on campus. Your Personalized Team of advisors include:

  • 1-MBA Program Faculty Advisor – Your Academic Link to Program Success
  • Industry Executive Advisor – Your Access to Building New Networks
  • Career Coach – To Build Your Personal Brand & Help Set Your Career Goals

Benefit: Mentoring Teams focused on your professional goals and career aspirations are assigned to you at the onset of the 1-MBA program. They will personally serve as mentors and assist you with professional development opportunities. Your successful completion of the 1-MBA is a major priority of your Mentoring Team.


2. The Consulting Practicum

The Consulting Practicum will introduce you to fundamental consulting skills and provide knowledge, training, and development through relevant activities and experiences. Our EXTERNSHIPseries company projects transition you to substantive, practical experiences wrestling with real company projects - enabling you to gain the hands on experience employers are seeking in the graduating MBA Students they recruit.

Benefit: With consideration of your industry interest and skill set, you will be placed on a team of 3-4 people and paired with a series of company projects. You will have various deliverables throughout the program, keeping in close contact with the company client and guided by your Faculty instructor.


3. Professional Development and Global Immersion 

There are varying opportunities for Professional Development and Global Immersion Study to ensure you get the most out of your MBA experience.

Benefit: The goal of the Professional Development and Global Immersion experiences is to prepare you for unprecedented challenges and set you on your way for life-long success.


4. Unique Curriculum Approach 

You’ll begin with a series of core courses starting with Project Management and shortly followed by a variety of foundational courses that will prepare you in the business fundamentals. These courses are followed by courses taught from the stakeholder perspective. Societal shift courses are interwoven throughout the program and are designed to enable you to grapple with macro-level issues and challenges that affect businesses on a global scale. Throughout the 1-year program, The Consulting Practicum’s EXTERNSHIPseries projects are designed to fully immerse you with hands-on experiential learning.

Benefit: The 1-MBA unique curriculum approach provides you with a framework for navigating the business landscape throughout the course of your career.


One-Year MBA Information Session

This video provides an overview of the full-time One-Year MBA program at Lehigh University.