Lehigh University College of Business and HYP Global (Shanghai Yangze Education Technology Co., LTD) have launched a strategic partnership program for international students who wish to pursue a master’s degree at Lehigh University. 

PMBC, offering 100 hours of customized instruction, is designed to help streamline admission into the selected Master's program by providing students the fundamental knowledge and skill set necessary to succeed in graduate-level study. 

Participating business degree programs at Lehigh include the following: 
One-Year Full-Time MBA (1-MBA)
MS in Applied Economics
MS in Business Analytics
MS in Financial Engineering
MS in Management
Dual Degree Specialty Masters


PMBC is a cohort-based three-month (10-12 week) online accelerated program with Spring (February to May) and Fall (September to November) intakes each year. Students will take 3 foundation courses and participate in 3 to 5 live class sessions every week during their time in PMBC. Classes are scheduled on weeknights and over the weekends, PMBC students with other responsibilities like school activities or work can be granted excused absences from live classes in the case of time conflicts, but they are expected to make up for the missed classes by watching recorded sessions on their own. Student support and learning management systems are put in place to foster student autonomy. Program coordinator, assistant and instructors will show students how to track and manage their own learning progress through 1-on-1 advising and actionable feedback.  

The foundation courses will help students in academic development and prepare them for the success in their future graduate studies in business:
1. Quantitative Elements
2. Intro to Business Analytics
3. Principles of Economics (for non-business academic background students) OR Operations Research (for business academic background students)

Application Deadline

Spring (February to May): January 15th
Fall (October to December): September 10th
Application deadlines subject to change 

Student Profile

PMBC students come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds:
1. Individuals who seek to strengthen their academic preparation for rigorous graduate programs at Lehigh. 
2. Individuals who wish to pursue a different academic discipline from their undergraduate background.
3. Working professionals who wish to readjust to formal learning and change their career path.

Further Information

For more information or to apply, please contact HYP Global at lehighpmbc@hypglobal.com.