Lehigh University College of Business and HYP Global (Shanghai Yangze Education Technology Co., LTD) have launched a strategic partnership program for international students who wish to pursue a master’s degree at Lehigh University. The Boot Camp is designed to streamline admission into the MS program by providing students the fundamental knowledge and skill set necessary to succeed in graduate-level study. 


The Boot Camp is a flexible accelerated online academic program, depending on academic background, students are expected to take 3 courses within a 3-month period, courses include Python, business statistics and other business-related topics. These foundation courses will help students in academic development and prepare them for the master programs at Lehigh's college.

Program Time*

Spring: February to May
Fall: October to December
*Detailed program schedule is undisclosed, please contact HYP Global at lehighpmbc@hypglobal.com for more information.