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Welcome to ilLUminate, the blog of Lehigh Business at Lehigh University (LU). We started this online forum to offer thoughtful perspectives from our faculty, alumni and students on the often-complex issues and questions related to the business of business. We hope you’ll visit regularly to access all the latest news and insights, delivered through blog posts, videos and podcasts. Please feel free to engage in our exchange of ideas. Learn more.

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Lehigh Business magazine covers

Lehigh Business Magazine

Lehigh Business magazine covers

This school year, all Lehigh Business faculty and students were asked to think about the potential benefits and harm new technology is continually presenting to us. We explore this idea in this issue's cover story. We are also showing off pictures of our nearly completed Lehigh Business Innovation Building, you'll meet the director of Lehigh Ventures Lab, dive into the latest faculty research, meet two alumni who took time off to travel in a tiny house and a student who's come up with an early warning device for wildfires. Plus, much more.

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Supply Chain Managers Concerned about Economic Risks and Cybersecurity in 1st Quarter of 2023

High energy costs, labor shortages and cyber-attacks stand out in the latest Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index. Read more.

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How the Pandemic Affected Workers and the Workplace

Liuba Belkin’s research gives insight into managing the ‘new normal.’ Read more.

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