Meet Our One-Year MBA Program Industry Mentors

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Lehigh's One-Year MBA Program's Industry Mentors are available to help guide you during the year-long program duration.


Lehigh University's Industry Mentors are a collection of volunteers, many of who graduated from Lehigh, who volunteer their time to mentor 1-MBA students during the one year period of the program.  

Incoming 1-MBA students are provided with mentoring frameworks early on in the MBA curriculum that allow students to understand and leverage this relationship. Students are taught how to navigate a mentoring relationship and to define what a successful mentoring relationship will look like after one year.

Mentors can be instrumental in helping 1-MBA students obtain:

  • Industry insights
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Changes within industries
  • Hiring cycles/practices
  • Work culture within a particular industry
  • Work culture in the United States for International Students
  • Leadership Development and more....