B.S. in Business and Economics Decision and Technology Analytics (DATA)

Supply Chain Management Major Overview

The Supply Chain Management major equips students with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for success in today’s complex business environment. This innovative program:

  • Provides solid exposure to supply management, logistics, cost and risk management and operations management topics.
  • Develops cross-functional team skills by integrating Supply Chain Management students with engineering students in the Integrated Product Development (IPD) program.
  • Emphasizes advanced cost analysis, negotiation, product development, and e-business.
  • Integrates core business courses with supply chain major courses.
  • Provides field study and experiential learning opportunities.

Supply Chain Management graduates typically work within five areas, each with its own set of positions and career paths:

  • purchasing and supply management
  • transportation and logistics
  • operations management
  • inventory management and control
  • demand and supply chain planning

Supply Chain Management Courses

Required Major Courses (18 credits)

  • SCM 309 - Supply, Cost, and Risk Management (3)
  • SCM 330 - Analytics for Service Operations (3)
  • SCM 340 - Demand and Supply Chain Planning (3)
  • SCM 342 - e-Business Enterprise Applications (3)
  • SCM 345 - Analytic Approaches to Supply Chain Management (3)
  • SCM 354 - Integrated Logistics and Transportation Management (includes SCM capstone experience) (3)

And an optional:

  • SCM 373 - Supply Chain Management Internship or Experiential Project

For full descriptions of these courses, link to catalog.

For more information, please contact Professor Saif Mir.