Undergraduate Marketing Minor


Lehigh University‚Äôs marketing minor provides non-business students an opportunity to pursue a course of study in marketing that will enable them to supplement their major field and widen their career choices. The overall learning objective of the program is to provide non-business students with the knowledge and skills to make more informed marketing decisions.

A marketing minor consists of 12 credits. Students wishing to earn a Marketing Minor must take MKT 111 and then select three other marketing courses from the marketing curriculum.  A student can also build a concentration within the Marketing Minor in areas such as Marketing Analytics, Marketing Communications, Sales Management, Retail Management, or Brand Management and Innovation, allowing for a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of marketing. 

Marketing Minor

Required for All Marketing Minors

  • MKT 111: Principles of Marketing

Marketing Courses

Three courses are required for marketing minors from the following courses:

  • MKT 311: Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 312: Marketing Research
  • MKT 313: Advertising & Sales Promotion Strategy
  • MKT 314: Digital & Social Media
  • MKT 319: Development & Marketing of New Products
  • MKT 320: Global Marketing
  • MKT 325: Consumer Insights through Data Analysis
  • MKT 326: Marketing Analytics in a Digital Space
  • MKT 327: Retail Marketing
  • MKT 330: Professional Selling
  • MKT 332: Sales Management
  • MKT 347: Strategic Brand Management
  • MKT 366: Services Retailing & Marketing
  • MKT 371: Directed Readings
  • MKT 372: Special Topics
  • MKT 387: Marketing Strategy*

*MKT 311 and MKT 312 are pre-requisites for MKT 387

Other Recommended Course

  • MKT 373 Marketing Internship (one credit course; can be taken twice)

For full descriptions of these courses, see the course catalog.