Break Career Boundaries with the Lehigh MBA Professional Development Program

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The Lehigh MBA Offers a Personalized Professional Development Program Designed to Build Your Personal Brand and Help Set Your Career Goals

The Lehigh MBA will mark one of the most life-changing transitions in your career. To complement what you learn in the MBA curriculum, Lehigh offers the personalized Professional Development Program (PDP) that enables you to build skills essential in becoming a successful industry leader.

The Lehigh MBA PDP accesses a unique set of highly skilled professionals in their field with expertise in executive coaching and career management.

About the Lehigh MBA PDP

The Lehigh PDP integrates a set of complementary resources and activities such as: opportunities for self-assessment, career management tools, skill building, and active involvement in the Lehigh and surrounding business community to:

  • Re-discover your professional profile
  • Develop and implement a plan for solidifying your next career phase 
  • Acquire the skills and experiences to make an impact
  • Build your personal brand and professional networks

The PDP includes seminars designed to help students transition from their current positions to the next level. It also includes individual coaching sessions and exclusive networking opportunities with business executives.

The Lehigh PDP will help you:

  • Strengthen your knowledge about yourself and your MBA colleagues 
  • Articulate and persuade others with your professional value
  • Develop strong communication and presentation skills
  • Approach business leaders and other individuals throughout networks with confidence and conviction