FLEX MBA Program Joint Degree Options

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Earn a joint MBA in Engineering or Educational Leadership

A joint MBA degree with a related or complementary field of study can give you a competitive edge in today's business world. Now more than ever, expertise in more than one area is essential. That's why Lehigh University not only has a top-ranked Flex MBA program, but also two additional joint degree offerings that partner with other top-ranked Lehigh programs: Engineering & Educational Leadership. Classes can be taken both on-campus and online.

With a joint MBA degree, you can gain the competitive edge needed in today's business world. Lehigh's Flex MBA program gives you the flexibility needed to pursue your degree while continuing to work.


1. MBA & Engineering (MBA & E)

The MBA Engineering degree option is tailored to professionals who have an undergraduate degree in engineering. The program offers concentrations in many different sects of engineering, including: chemical, civil, computer*, electrical, environmental, industrial, materials science, mechanical, and polymer science. With this degree, graduates can go on to fulfill leadership roles in business and industry. It's important to note that applicants must have at least two years of work experience before they can enroll full time. 

*NOTE: Computer Engineering and Computer Science courses are offered during the day.

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2. MBA & Educational Leadership (MELBA)

The MBA & Educational Leadership degree option is intended for those who want to pursue business roles in education. The coursework required for this degree centers around fiscal and organizational skills. This includes budgetary, personnel, and planning skills. By combining education and business, graduates will have a solid foundation that prepares them for financial management positions at schools, such as superintendents, principals, business managers, and district administrators. No prior teaching experience is necessary to apply or enroll. 

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