FLEX MBA Curriculum

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The Lehigh University College of Business FLEX MBA part-time online curriculum focuses on technology, leadership, and relevance to individual students and their workplaces. It introduces an applied capstone experience (ACE), expands leadership education to include personal, relational, and team leadership skills, as well as experiences addressing inclusive, inspirational, and ethical leadership situations, and weaves data generation, analysis and visualization throughout the curriculum.

The FLEX MBA is a 36-credit program that is completed at a part-time, personalized pace, on campus or online through ClassroomLIVE technology, or through a combination of both to fit busy schedules. The core is comprised of 24 credits; the remaining 12 credits are electives, from which a student may choose to specialize in a concentration area. Based on elective choices and preferred pace, students can obtain their degree within 2-4 years.


FLEX MBA Curriculum Overview (36 credits)

Core Courses (24 credits)

Electives (12 credits)
Students select 12 credit hours of elective coursework. All elective courses must be at the 400 level. Students may design an area of study in consultation with their advisor or select an area of concentration. Concentrations require the completion of 12 credit hours. 

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Degree Completion Pathways

On average, it takes a student about 3.5 years to complete this part-time MBA program. A student can choose to go at a faster or slower pace depending on their work or personal schedule. If a student is not completing a concentration, they have the option to complete the program within 2 years. Click on your preferred pathway below to see the course load differences between a 2-year degree completion and 3.5-year degree completion.

Pathways for Fall Start


Pathways for Spring Start



The Lehigh FLEX MBA Orientation is provided to welcome and acquaint students with information to successfully transition into graduate life at Lehigh. Orientation will include a case study collaboration, where you will dive into a case that is designed to open your eyes and minds to the broad and complex business issues at the core of the FLEX MBA. We strive toward keeping orientation fun and informative, geared toward building relationships with your new network and preparing for academia. The orientation is mandatory for all incoming students - orientation dates will be provided to students in their MBA requirements sheet if offered admission to the program.



Students should have completed undergraduate courses in computer literacy, and principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics. The prerequisites of financial accounting and statistics may be completed after acceptance into the FLEX MBA program.

The statistics prerequisite may be fulfilled by having taken a class within the past 5 years and receiving a “B” or better, by taking a proficiency exam administered through the College, or by enrolling in Basic Statistics for Business and Industry or equivalent. The Accounting prerequisite may be waived by enrolling in Financial Accounting for Managers and Investors at Lehigh or by taking a proficiency exam administered by the College.

If a student has no previous background in financial accounting or statistics, he/she is encouraged to take a course in the subject area. If a student has previously taken coursework but has not achieved a grade of “B” or the course has exceeded the time limit, self-directed learning and a proficiency exam may be appropriate.

The prerequisites of financial accounting and statistics must be completed before enrolling in ACCT 432 Accounting for Managers, BIS 434 Business Analytics for Managers and/or SCM 435 Operations and Supply Chain Management.

FLEX MBA Concentrations

Our part-time FLEX MBA program offers concentrations in business analytics, corporate entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and more.