FLEX MBA Program Curriculum (Spring 2023)

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For the students entering into the program in Spring 2023, you will have the choice to choose either the current or the new curriculum.

Our FLEX MBA curriculum is designed for professionals looking to enhance their career in a convenient and flexible manner.

The Lehigh FLEX MBA is the culmination of the experiences of our faculty and their commitment to maintain excellence and relevance in graduate business education. The Lehigh FLEX MBA places great emphasis on continuously integrated relevant concepts and challenges that are daily introduced to the business community at large. Currently, the FLEX MBA core curriculum incorporates global business concepts and analysis, cultural intelligence, organizational leadership, sustainability, crisis management resolutions, social consciousness issues, ethical decision-making, and optional business consulting projects. The core also focuses on the business value chain, and the way in which different functional areas come together to create a competitive advantage: students experience decision-making from the perspective of the company as a whole.

The Lehigh FLEX MBA is a 36-credit program that is completed at a part-time, personalized pace, on campus or online through ClassroomLIVE technology, or through a culmination of both to fit your busy schedule. The core is comprised of 21 credits; the remaining 15 credits are electives, from which a student may choose to specialize in a concentration area or not. On average, it takes a Student about 3.5 years to complete this part-time MBA program. A Student can choose to go at a faster or slower pace depending on their work or personal schedule.



The Lehigh FLEX MBA Orientation is provided to welcome and acquaint students with information to successfully transition into graduate life at Lehigh. Orientation will include a case study collaboration, where you will dive into a case that is designed to open your eyes and minds to the broad and complex business issues at the core of the FLEX MBA. We strive toward keeping orientation fun and informative, geared toward building relationships with your new network and preparing for academia. The orientation is mandatory for all incoming students - orientation dates will be provided to students in their MBA requirements sheet if offered admission to the program.



Some basic business knowledge is necessary in order to be successful in the FLEX MBA core curriculum. Prerequisites DO NOT NEED TO BE COMPLETED prior to enrolling in the Lehigh FLEX MBA. Our program provides the flexibility that would allow you to schedule prerequisite coursework alongside your regular coursework, moving you towards faster completion.

The prerequisites for the Lehigh FLEX MBA program are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Principles of Economics

*A statement of Computer Literacy is also required

The accounting prerequisite may be satisfied by enrolling in GBUS 401 Financial Accounting for Managers and Investors at Lehigh and earning a minimum grade of “C”, or by taking a proficiency exam administered by the college. Waivers are granted for the holders of the CPA license and are considered on a case by case basis for accounting undergraduate majors. The prerequisite of Financial Accounting must be completed prior to enrolling in MBA 402 Managing Financial and Physical Resources & MBA 403 Managing Information.

The statistics prerequisite may be fulfilled by having taken a course within the past 5 years and receiving a “B” or better, or by taking a proficiency exam administered through the college, or by enrolling in ECO 401 Basic Statistics for Business and Industry or equivalent with a minimum grade of “C” in a course at Lehigh or a minimum grade of “B” from a course outside of Lehigh. Students must receive advisor approval for courses that would be taken outside of Lehigh. The prerequisite of Statistics must be completed prior to enrolling in MBA 403 Managing Information.

Principles of Economics is a program requirement and may be satisfied by having taken a course during the undergraduate work and achieving a grade of at least “C”. The prerequisite may be satisfied by taking ECO 001 Principles of Economics at Lehigh or a course outside of Lehigh and achieving a grade of at least “C”. Coursework outside of Lehigh requires advisor approval. The prerequisite of Economics must be completed prior to graduation.

Computer literacy is a program requirement. Students must be versed in word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and database software packages. Waivers are granted through transcript and resume review. Students lacking in these areas may participate in free seminars at Lehigh to achieve the waiver.


FLEX MBA Curriculum Overview

The 36-credit program begins with a mandatory weekend orientation and ends with a capstone course that draws upon the student's knowledge acquired during the FLEX MBA core curriculum experience. In-class teams closely resemble cross-functional corporate teams where each person has a different and valuable set of knowledge, skills and experience. By combining industry projects, high-level class discussions, case analyses, and a computer simulation competition, the FLEX MBA Core exposes students to rigorous theoretical analysis while providing hands-on, simulated real world business experiences.

The FLEX MBA core required courses (MBA 401, MBA 402, MBA 403, MBA 404, MBA 405, MBA 406) are 21 credit hours. Additionally, students select 15 credit hours of elective course work. Students are permitted to design an area of study in consultation with their adviser to best suit their career goals or they may choose to complete an area of concentration. Concentrations in business analytics, corporate entrepreneurship, finance, international business, marketing, project management, public health, and supply chain management require twelve credit hours of approved electives. To learn more about concentration areas, click here.

Below is a prototypical sample schedule for progressing through the Lehigh FLEX MBA. While this is a sample schedule, please note that regardless of pace, students may start the FLEX MBA in either the Fall or Spring Semesters as the core courses are offered in both semesters. Electives may be taken from courses of general business interest toward a specific concentration.