MS in Management Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Lehigh Offers Numerous Funding Options for Graduate Students Entering the MiM Program

The MS in Management degree is an important investment towards your future, and Lehigh University offers several resources to make it more manageable.

Applicants for scholarships must receive an offer of admission to the program in order to be considered for an award. Most scholarship awards are merit-based and determined by the strength of the application to the program. The Committee on Scholarships and Financial Aid will consider an applicant's completed application and qualifications when determining scholarship awards. All scholarships are granted at the sole discretion of Lehigh University.

Please note that scholarships are only applied to the cost of tuition. It is the student's responsibility to cover any additional fees and expenses beyond the tuition. Please refer to the Tuition and Expenses page for details.


Academic Merit

Academic Merit Scholarship Awards are designed for students who exhibit exceptional academic performance in their chosen undergraduate major. Awards range up to $10,000. 


Gap Year

Gap Year Scholarship Awards are designed for students wishing to leverage their undergraduate studies while preparing for professional programs such as law, dental, or medicine. Awards range up to $5,000 (Proof of Professional Program acceptance is required).


Dean's Scholarship

The Dean's Scholarship is based on the strength of your application package. This scholarship is a full-tuition award.


Director's Scholarship

The Director's Scholarship is merit-based with awards ranging from $5,000 to full-tuition scholarships.


Lehigh Graduate Merit Scholarship

As a soon-to-be Lehigh alumnus, you may be eligible for a new Graduate Merit Scholarship that was established in 2023. This scholarship is awarded annually to a single, high-achieving student in the College of Business. It covers a year of free tuition, including one summer, two regular academic–year terms, and a winter term (if enrolled). Study abroad programs, including Lehigh Abroad programs, are not included.

Each year the College of Business nominates a student for the award. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be accepted into a graduate program at Lehigh, and have a 3.75 GPA at the time of the program application. 

Only early applicants will be considered for this scholarship. Students must receive an offer of admission by February 12th to be eligible.


Lehigh University Alumni Scholarship (30% Scholarship)

The Lehigh University Alumni Scholarship guarantees that a graduate of Lehigh University at any level (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate) will be offered a level of scholarship matching 30% of tuition costs. The scholarship may be titled as Lehigh Alumni Scholarship or could be made up of other scholarships that total 30% of tuition costs.


Partner Institutions

Partner Institution Scholarship Awards are designed for students who completed their undergraduate studies at a previously identified MS in Management Partner Institution (LINK). Awards range up to $10,000. 


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

STEM Scholarship Awards are designed for students whose undergraduate studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math exhibit exceptional academic excellence in their chosen major. Awards range up to $10,000.


Yellow Ribbon Program

Lehigh University is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides funding to cover tuition and fee charges that are not covered by the Post-911 G.I. Bill (Chapter 33) Benefits. The VA will match Lehigh’s Yellow Ribbon Program funding.

All graduate students must provide their Certificate of Eligibility to confirm VA Benefit. To learn more, please visit our Veterans Education Benefits webpage.


Financial Aid

Deciding to go back to school is a big decision, but figuring out how to pay for it doesn't have to be. The University’s Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students attain a Lehigh University education, no matter your financial circumstances. Domestic students can learn more about funding their graduate education.