MS in Management Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Lehigh Makes Available Numerous Funding Options for Graduate Students Entering the MS in Management Program

Applicants for scholarships must receive an offer of admission to the MS in Management Program in order to be considered for an award. Awards are merit based. The Committee on Scholarships and Financial Aid will consider an applicant's completed application and qualifications relating to the designated scholarship when determining scholarship awards.


Academic Merit

Academic Merit Scholarship Awards are designed for students who exhibit exceptional academic performance in their chosen undergraduate major. Awards range up to $10,000. Academic Merit Scholarship Awards are granted at the sole discretion of Lehigh University.


Gap Year

Gap Year Scholarship Awards are designed for students wishing to leverage their undergraduate studies while preparing for professional programs such as law, dental, or medicine. Awards range up to $5,000 (Proof of Professional Program acceptance is required). Gap Year Scholarship Awards are granted at the sole discretion of Lehigh University.


Dean's Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholar Program recognizes outstanding academic achievement by Lehigh undergraduate students by providing a limited number of full tuition scholarships for the MS in Management program. Eligible students must have 8 semesters of consecutive studies at Lehigh and a 3.75 GPA as confirmed on your final Lehigh transcript. Scholarship availability is limited and not guaranteed. All applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application for the MS in Management program. 


Director's Scholarship

The Director's Scholarship is a merit based, partial tuition scholarship. Awards range from $2,500 to full-tuition scholarships.


Presidential Scholars for Graduate Education (College Wide Scholarship)

This full tuition scholarship is given to one Lehigh University senior with an overall GPA of 3.75 or higher at the time of application for the scholarship across all graduate programs in the College of Business. Applicants will need to have an offer of admission to their graduate program by January 31st. Each College of Business graduate program will make nominations based on the pool of qualified accepted applicants to the Provost level at the University for selection. There is no action needed on an applicant's behalf and applicants can not request to be nominated.  


Lehigh University Graduate Scholarship - 30% Tuition Award

The Lehigh University Graduate Scholarship is offered to current non-business major Lehigh undergraduate seniors. This scholarship is for applicants to the Masters in Management program and represents a 30% scholarship. The scholarship automatically applies to candidates who are offered admission and meet the criteria above.


Partner Institutions

Partner Institution Scholarship Awards are designed for students who completed their undergraduate studies at a previously identified MS in Management Partner Institution (LINK). Awards range up to $10,000. Partnership Institution Scholarship Awards are granted at the sole discretion of Lehigh University.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

STEM Scholarship Awards are designed for students whose undergraduate studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math exhibit exceptional academic excellence in their chosen major. Awards range up to $10,000. STEM Scholarship Awards are granted at the sole discretion of Lehigh University.


Economic Impact Scholarship

For applicants who may be impacted by recent layoffs or rescinded job offers in the United States between October 1, 2022 through April 15, 2023, you may qualify for the following scholarship:

This $12,000 scholarship has been created to acknowledge the impact of a recent layoff or rescinded job offer and serves to make the cost of a graduate business degree more attainable to eligible applicants.

The Economic Impact Scholarship is divided into two $5,000 scholarships and one $2,000 scholarship. The $5,000 scholarship is allotted at the beginning of the initial spring and fall semesters. In addition to this, Lehigh will add an additional $2,000 to help soften the impact of sudden life changes of having to quickly prepare for a graduate program. The $2,000 scholarship is applied to a student’s account in the first semester to lessen the impact of recently incurred costs, such as switching visa status to F-1, new laptop, and relocation costs.

Please note this is a scholarship and not reimbursement, so the recipient does not need to provide evidence of how the scholarship is used.

(scholarship may be combined with other scholarships for highly qualified applicants at the discretion of the Graduate Programs Office)


Financial Aid

Deciding to go back to school is a big decision, but figuring out how to pay for it doesn't have to be. The University’s Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students attain a Lehigh University education, no matter your financial circumstances. Domestic students can learn more about funding their graduate education. International students can learn more about the financial guarantee requirements under Tuition & Expenses. Funding options for international students may be available from outside resources.