MS in Management Curriculum

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Lehigh University’s College of Business offers a STEM-designated master's degree in management.

Preparing students for business roles through a rigorous curriculum and distinctive professional development opportunities distinguishes the MS in Management from other management degrees. The MiM degree is a full-time program that follows a lock-step, cohort model and is offered in a 9-month or 18-month degree completion track.

2024 Orientation: Tuesday, August 20th - Friday, August 23rd

  • Quantitative Prep.
  • Executive Networking
  • Live Case Studies
  • Personal Branding


MiM Curriculum Overview (9-Month Track)

The STEM-designated 9-month track allows MS in Management students the fastest pathway to completing this degree at Lehigh. This track is ideal for students looking to upskill quickly in business and secure employment. This track has been the standard plan since the inception of the MS in Management program. Students who select the 9-month MS Management track do not have the ability to complete an internship.

Total: 33 credits


MiM Curriculum Overview (18-Month Track)

The STEM-designated 18-month program for MS in Management students offers an extended curriculum path, accommodating a summer internship. It's also ideal for those desiring extra time—more than the standard 9 months—to immerse themselves in graduate studies and shape their professional journey. The final fall semester fulfills the graduate-level internship stipulation that requires students to return to school for an additional semester after concluding their internship. This track suits individuals seeking swift upskilling in business, providing the choice of a summer internship, or those aiming for an extended period dedicated to this graduate program.

Total: 33 credits / 34 credits with internship


Switching Between Tracks 

MS in Management students can choose to switch tracks prior to the add/drop period of the first fall semester.