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2022 Employment Report Data

The data below details the compensation, companies, industries and job functions of the last class of graduates from this Lehigh Business program. The data is accessed via the Lehigh University Graduate Next Destination Report annually.

$72,000 was the median base salary for '22 MS in Management graduates
$5,960 was the average sign-on bonus for '22 MS in Management graduates
63% of '22 MS in Management graduates received multiple job offers
89% of MS in Management graduates were employed, continuing education, or pursuing military or volunteer experience


Sample of Top Hiring Companies

American Express
Biosense Webster-Johnson & Johnson 
Carpenter Technology Corporation
Edison Energy
Morgan Stanley
PPL Electric
Pratt and Whitney 
Syneos Health 


Sample of Position Titles 

Consulting Analyst
Analyst, Supply Chain Management
Analytics & Sales Program
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Rotational Specialist
Research Associate
Virtual Engagement Associate



An analysis of the industries that students from this Lehigh Business program are joining upon graduation.  

2022 MS in Management Data for Industry

24% Consulting, 18% Energy, 18% Financial Services, 12% Healthcare, 12% Manufacturing, 6% Media/Entertainment, 6% Retail, 6% Transportation & Logistics Services



An analysis of the functions within an organization that students from this Lehigh Business program are joining upon graduation. 

2022 MS in Management Data for Job Function

29% Consulting, 29% Marketing/Sales, 18% Engineering, 6% Construction/Contracting, 6% Information Technology, 6% Operations/Logistics, 6% Other/Unspecified


Where students learn about jobs

Respondents can select more than 1 response in multi-select items, so the percentages do not necessarily sum to 100%.

71% Alumni Network/Connection
43% Job Fair/On-Campus Interviews sponsored by Lehigh
29% Faculty/Advisor Referral
14% Handshake


Alumni Career Paths Examples

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