Meet the MS in Management Ambassadors

Courtney Giardana '21

Hometown: Valley Cottage, NY
UG School: Lehigh University
Major/Minor: B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science 

"I graduated from Lehigh University in spring 2020. My four years here were incredible – filled with engaging professors and supporting classmates. When I graduated, I was undecided on my career path so I decided to join a program that I knew would help guide me, develop new skills, and challenge me. Lehigh has been my home away from home and I am excited to be back for another year!"

Ellie Pinchbeck '21

Hometown: Guilford, CT
UG School: Lehigh University
Major/Minor: B.A. in Psychology and Health, Medicine & Society; minor in Business

"I believe a Lehigh University graduate degree will prepare me with the skills and experience to help support my path forward. The MS in Management program can improve my career prospects by providing me with a wealth of experiential learning opportunities while expanding my network."

Gordon Gorab '21

Hometown: Wayne, NJ
UG School: Lehigh University
Major/Minor: Bioengineering with a concentration in Mechanics and Materials

"I chose to attend Lehigh's MS in Management program in order to diversify my educational background. With an undergraduate degree in bioengineering, I hope that widening my knowledge to include management and business principles will afford me a wider range of opportunities and greater potential to advance my career upon graduation.

I would recommend anyone interested in enhancing the potential of their undergraduate degree with a business mindset to explore the MS in Management program. The program covers an array of business topics that are taught by professors who effectively tie in their real-world experiences."

Hunter Askenase '21

Hometown: Long Island, NY
UG School: Lehigh University
Major/Minor: B.A. in History

"One of the key factors which prompted me to join the MS in Management (M2) was the breadth and speed of the curriculum. Being able to obtain a comprehensive business education in only 10 months isn’t something you can do everywhere. 

I would recommend M2 to anyone who hasn’t had a business education. I can’t imagine having gone on professionally without the M2 program."

Jonathan Shen '21

Hometown: Originally from Hangzhou, China, and moved to Elgin, IL
UG School: Boston College
Major/Minor: B.A. in Political Science; minor in History

"During the last two years of my undergraduate career, I always regretted not taking business as my primary major. In my opinion, business school emphasizes teaching practical knowledge (useful in future professional career), whereas liberal art college helps develop essential skills (such as reading, researching, critical thinking, argumentation, etc.). The MS in Management (M2) program has served as a great opportunity for me to learn some practical business knowledge for my future career development. More importantly, the M2 program has bridged the gap between a liberal arts background and a business framework. It encompasses a great platform for me to become a more well-rounded person by combining my practical knowledge and essential skills."

Kamilah Velez '21

Hometown: Allentown, PA
UG School: Lehigh University
Major/Minor: B.A. Psychology and Health, Medicine, & Society

"With a background in Psychology and public health studies I really wanted to broaden my skill set. I knew that with the MS in Management (M2) program I would become a strong applicant in the job market, but also challenge myself to learn something new and completely out of my comfort zone.

If you are a potential student considering applying, this program is an investment for your future. As we’ve all experienced this year, the world can change so fast and it won’t wait for you. This program will give you the skills and understanding you need to be successful and take charge of your own careers."

Olivia Fitzgerald '21

Hometown: Acton, MA
UG School: Lehigh University 
Major/Minor: B.A. in Architecture, Graphic Design

"I originally was not planning to go to grad school right after graduating, as I wanted to get a year or two of work experience in before going back to school. In February 2020, I realized that that might not be the best option anymore, since many students I noticed were having difficulty finding work due to the pandemic increasing, so I decided to look into options to further my education right away. I learned about the MS in Management program and thought it would work well with my design based degrees, as it would be a great combination to have both the business and design based knowledge to be a well rounded candidate when searching for jobs in the future."

Parker Bass '21

Hometown: Annapolis, MD
UG School: Lehigh University
Major/Minor: B.S. in Industrial Engineering

"I decided to join the MS in Management program because I felt that it would be a great way to expand my knowledge and management fundamentals and pairing that with my Industrial & Systems Engineering undergrad degree, would make me stand out better. I was unsure if I wanted to pursue a job in engineering and combining that knowledge with a business master’s would help me in my search for a job in consulting or supply chain management. I really enjoy how tight-knit the community is. Even while online, the cohort has managed to stay connected and it’s a great group of people with many different backgrounds and studies. I’ve enjoyed many of the classes so far and the use of real-world examples is great because it allows you to see the real-world impacts of what we are learning about."

ZiYi Zhang '21

Hometown: Anhui, China
UG School: Shanghai Lixin University
Major/Minor: B.E. in Financial Mathematics

"I am honored to join the Lehigh family. The reason why I chose the MS in Management (M2) program is that my previous university mainly studied mathematics. After the internship, I found that I was very interested in business and hoped to apply the knowledge I learned in the university to industry. The course design of the M2 program is very consistent with my needs. A wealth of business-related courses and application courses on data modeling are all things I want to learn very much. Moreover, Lehigh University is very well-known in the United States, and its business school ranks high in the United States. I have always been longing for it, especially the characteristic teaching of the small classes of Lehigh University, which makes me feel that I can better learn related knowledge and integrate into American culture."