Martindale Student Associates Honor Program

Program Overview

Established in 1980, the Martindale Student Associates Honors Program enables a select group of 12 Lehigh juniors and seniors—from across Lehigh’s three undergraduate colleges—to explore global business, economic, and social issues through travel to organizations around the world, and meetings and discussions with thought leaders from government, business, social, academic and research institutions. The 15-month program is fully funded, and follows a competitive application process.

Activities begin in the February of the students’ junior year, and run through graduation. The students are tasked with conducting group and individual research, and with writing top class academic articles pertaining to the economy and public policy of our country of study for publication as a volume of the Martindale undergraduate research journal, Perspectives on Business and Economics.

The program features on-campus orientation sessions, a briefings trip in Washington D.C., an intensive 12-day field immersion research trip in the country of study, writing and research workshops, presentation and peer review meetings, and a semester of independent study. Each student is assigned a faculty mentor to provide ongoing guidance and feedback.

As a Martindale Student Associate you will...

  • Participate in a prestigious Honors Program
  • Conduct in-depth research on the economic and social challenges of a foreign nation
  • Be part of a fun-loving, hard-working group of students from ALL COLLEGES
  • Travel abroad with students and faculty
  • Meet with government, business, social, and academic leaders
  • Elevate your oral and written communication skills
  • Work closely with faculty and alumni mentors
  • Become a published author by graduation
  • Network with a global community of supportive alumni

Fully-funded Thanks to Martindale Alumni and Friends. 

Application Requirements

Program Components

  • Eligibility: ALL COLLEGE juniors (or seniors who will be registered through May 2021) and 3.4+ GPA, or faculty recommendation
  • Nomination: Notification early January, 2020
  • Program cycle: 15 months, mid-February to graduation
  • Campus dinner meetings: 5:00-6:00 p.m. weekly, through spring and fall semesters, 2020
  • D.C. briefings trip: 2 days, March 29 & 30, 2020
  • Field immersion research trip in the country of study: 12 days following Commencement, 2020
  • Independent research and writing: Spring 2021, dedicated to completing articles for publication
  • Events: NYC & DC alumni networking events, 2 on-campus banquets.


Apply Now

Apply for the Martindale Student Associates Honor Program for 2020-21 to Argentina.


Countries of Study 2008-2021

Click for full archival listing (1983-2018) and to download individual articles. 

For information, please contact:

Todd A. Watkins 

Trisha Alexy