Canadian Studies Institute

Program Overview


Judy McDonald, Ph.D., Professor of Economics


1984, with the collaboration of the Canadian government.


To foster and promote understanding of Canada's economy, businesses, and economic relations with the US.


  • Sponsors faculty research on Canadian issues
  • Organizes occasional student trips to Canada
    - Canada was twice the country of study for the Martindale Student Associates Program. The students met with representatives from the 
      Canadian Consulate in New York, and with the Embassy team in Washington. They traveled to Canada to meet with government,
      business and institutional leaders to explore economic and social issues. Their research papers were published as Volume 5 and Volume
     of the Martindale Student Associates Program undergraduate research journal, Perspectives on Business and Economics.
  • Hosts speakers with expertise on Canada; Over the years, the Institute has welcomed the following experts:
    • Dr. Joseph Jockel, formerly head of the Canada Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., 
        Professor at St. Lawrence University
    • Robert G. Wright, Economics Minister, Canadian Embassy
    • The Honorable Roy MacLaren, formerly Canada's Minister of International Trade
    • David Strangway, formerly president of the University of British Columbia and Canada's representative in the salmon negotiations
        with the US
    • The Honorable John Crosbie, formerly Canada's Minister of Finance, Justice, International Trade, Transport, and Fisheries and
    • The Honorable Barbara McDougall, formerly held several ministerial positions: President and CEO, Canadian Institute of
        International Affairs, Member of the Parliament of Canada, Minister of State for Finance and the Status of Women, Minister of
        Employment and Immigration, and former Minister of External Affairs
    • Dr. Sylvia Ostry, Distinguished Research Fellow, Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, and formerly Deputy Minister
        of International Trade, Ambassador for Multilateral Trade Negotiations and the Prime Minister's Personal Representative for the
        Economic Summit