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Answering Emails After Work Can Stress Relationships and Harm Health

It’s not just workers who feel anxious and stressed by employers’ expectations that they respond to work emails after hours. Their spouses and significant others do, too.

Demographic Shift Brings Challenges to Businesses and Workers

As people live healthier and longer, the demographic shift toward an aging population poses significant challenges to businesses and workers.

Potatoes, Dirt and Undergrad Business

What do business schools have in common with potato farms? A lot more than you probably think.

Innovation Starts from Within: Generation Z, Technology, and Self-Awareness

The new wave of transformational innovation may well come from creating new mediums, platforms, and techniques to boost self-awareness in young people ubiquitously connected to social media.

In Praise of Ambivalence: A Complex Emotion for a Complex World

Research shows that emotional ambivalence can help managers make more accurate decisions and deliver better outcomes for all.

Some Like It Hot … But Not When It Comes to Helping

A recent study shows that merely thinking about being uncomfortably hot can increase fatigue, alter a person’s mood, and change her or his behavior in ways that are, quite literally, unhelpful.

Hackers, Ransomware, Trust, and the Future of Bitcoin

The same thing that makes Bitcoin a safe currency—its high degree of security—also makes it attractive to criminals, and untrustworthy in the public's eyes.

Job-Stealing Robots? Millennials See Hope, Fear in Automation

Will a robot one day take your job? A more likely scenario is that the future of work means cooperation between humans and the robots.

Should Workers Have the ‘Right to Disconnect?’

After-hours emails from employers are causing emotional exhaustion and anticipatory stress among workers, leading some to call for a “right to disconnect.”