This is the AI tag for Lehigh Business Thought Leadership.

Don Bowen on AI’s Impact on FinTech

AI’s impact on the fintech industry has “been pretty profound already, and it's only going to accelerate from here,” a Lehigh Business faculty member says.

Rebecca Wang on Holiday Shopping, Online Trends and AI

A marketing researcher discusses Black Friday, the power of omnichannel shopping, what to look out for in online reviews, and the role AI will play in shopping.

Kofi Arhin on AI and the Hiring Process

In training AI systems on hiring, adding external information to data on past company hiring decisions can help make the process fairer, a study suggests.

The Impact of AI on Universities and Students

Lehigh’s Cathy Ridings and Greg Reihman discuss how Chat GPT and other generative AI tools may affect issues ranging from academic integrity to efficiency and quality of human work.

Brian Merchant on the Limitations of Technology

In all the debate swirling around the new wave of AI chatbots, it can be hard to separate the hype from what’s real, the writer, tech journalist and author says.

Sterling Yan on Human vs. AI Investing Strategies

Machine learning strategies can enhance investment performance, but nowhere near as much as previous research has suggested, a recent study found.