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What Is A Resilient Enterprise Supply Chain?

Because the numbers and types of threats that can undermine a supply chain are now greater than ever, resilience has taken on even more significance in supply chain management.

Breaking Boundaries Between Business and Engineering: Going from ‘E to E’

"E to E," a new initiative that will prepare engineers to be executives, is just one example of how Lehigh Business continues to break boundaries between business and technology.

Business Analytics: The Core in Our New Core Curriculum

Business analytics is changing the landscape of business today, and it is now a critical component of the core curriculum for Lehigh's College of Business and undergraduate students.

Potatoes, Dirt and Undergrad Business

What do business schools have in common with potato farms? A lot more than you probably think.

Why ilLUminate? A Message from the Dean

A message from Dean Georgette C. Phillips on Lehigh Business Thought Leadership.