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Naomi Rothman on the Value — and Potential Pitfalls — of Ambivalence

Research shows that ambivalence in leaders and team members is a two-edged sword. It can boost performance, but also hurt your chances for promotion. Why?

Dr. Yamil Sanchez is 2022 Recipient of College of Business Graduate Life Leadership Award

The recipient of this year’s College of Business Graduate Life Leadership award is Dr. Yamil Sanchez.

How Much do Shareholders Really Value Female Directors?

Shareholders clamor for diverse boards. So why aren’t they voting accordingly when the ballots are tallied in director elections?

Zach Zacharia and Steve Scala – What Every CFO Needs to Know about Supply Chains

What impact does supply chain digitization have on a company's bottom line? Find out what the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh and DiCentral discovered in a new research report.

What Every CFO Needs to Know About Supply Chains

Lehigh Center for Supply Chain Research lead the effort surveying 125 CEOs and CFOs to dive deeper into how physical and financial supply chains affect corporate performance.

Job Interview Question – Demonstrate Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

This online program is designed for mid- and senior-level managers, directors, and those interested in driving change in their organizations and is available as part of our Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership. Learn more.

Influence of Women on Your Board of Directors

Corinne Post, chair of the department of management at Lehigh Business and her coauthors, had their paper, The Influence of Female Directors on Product Recall Decisions, published this past spring. Here is a look at what she has been talking about since that publication.

Four New Online Programs Will Help Companies Get Back to Business

Lehigh College of Business executive education is training employees to be leaders in a crisis.

The Deliberation Paradox: When Thinking Before Acting is a Liability

While deliberation may lead to better decisions, it is a liability when it comes to gaining influence, research suggests. What does that mean for leaders?

Cathy Engelbert on Leadership

Watch this insightful and candid interview with Cathy Engelbert, the very first Commissioner of the WNBA and a Lehigh alumna class of ‘86.