Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP)

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EMAP provides free, confidential assistance to small businesses across the state of Pennsylvania. To take advantage of EMAP services, please complete a Request for Service.

Our environmental specialists can provide one-on-one consulting in the following areas:

Summary of Services

  • Green your business
  • Compliance assistance
  • Energy efficiency (on-site energy assessment service currently suspended due to budget cuts)
  • New technology development
  • Pollution prevention
  • Worker health & safety

Green Your Business

Whether you’re looking to improve your compliance with local and federal regulations, or to increase the energy efficiency of your small business, ultimately the result should be a better impact on the environment and a ‘greener’ bottom line for you.

Every small business has many opportunities to improve their operations to reduce carbon emissions, reduce pollution, eliminate costly waste, and produce an enhanced product or service. EMAP has created a Building Block approach to incorporate a holistic approach to greening your business, from energy savings to compliance issues to purchasing and recycling. Click here for more information on how to green your business.

Compliance Assistance

EMAP assists small business owners in understanding and complying with the environmental rules and regulations specific to their business, helping them avoid costly fines. Click here for more compliance information.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution is a drain to a firm's bottom line. Whether it's air emissions, solid or hazardous wastes, or wastewater discharges, pollution is a waste resulting from inefficiencies in a firm's operations. And what business is ever purposely wasteful? EMAP can help small businesses use pollution prevention to improve their efficiency and save money. Click here for more information on pollution prevention.

Energy Efficiency

EMAP offers a step-by-step program to help small businesses recognize and realize energy and cost savings. With EMAP’s comprehensive program, which starts by analyzing current usage, businesses are able to make sound investments leading to real savings in monthly operating expenses. (This service is currently suspended due to budget cuts). Click here for more information on energy efficiency.

New Technology Development

EMAP assists firms in the development and commercialization of new energy and environmental technologies by helping prepare and review proposals, finding new markets and opportunities, and identifying potential funding sources and partners. Click here for more information on new technology development.

Worker Health and Safety

All businesses must comply with the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). The OSHA Consultation Program provides no-cost health and safety assistance to small companies. Click here for more information on worker health and safety.

To utilize EMAP services, please complete a Request for Service.