Become a Client at the Small Business Development Center

How Do I Become a Client?

All of our clients must complete a Request for Service before receiving assistance from the SBDC. To complete the Request for Service, please click the button below. Meetings are typically by appointment only, unless walk-ins are available at one of our outreach centers.

Become a Client

Interested in becoming a client at the SBDC?

Why Must I Complete a Request for Service?

The Request for Service does two things. First, it gives us information on your business needs to get you to the right starting point with the SBDC. Most importantly, it establishes confidentiality between you and the SBDC. We are not able to provide consulting services without a completed request for service.

Errors and Issues When Trying to Complete a Request for Service

If you have ever used an SBDC in Pennsylvania in the past, please click the button above and try logging in via the login box in the top right corner of the page. If you do not remember your password, please click the "forgot password" link to have it emailed to you. If you are unable to login, or this is your first time working with the SBDC, please email or call us at 610-758-3980 and we can help.

What Can I Expect After Submitting My Request for Service?

If your starting point with us is one of our training seminars, you will receive welcoming information from one of our consultants and any specific information about the training. Otherwise, you will be assigned to one of our consultants and you will receive a welcome email from the SBDC. This email has key information about the SBDC, as well as a link to schedule an appointment with your consultant. If you do not schedule an appointment, your consultant will reach out to set up a time to meet. 

The time it takes from submission to that initial meeting varies based on 1) our total client volume and 2) your individual consultant's client load at that time. At peak times, you may be looking at a 2-4 week waiting period. If you have not heard from anyone in our office after that time, please contact us at (610) 758-3980.