MS in Financial Engineering Prerequisites

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All courses listed below link to our course catalog so applicants can compare their coursework effectively; prerequisites do not have to be completed at Lehigh University. An applicant is expected to have completed the following courses:

Prerequisite Courses (required)

Strong applicants who have not completed the prerequisite courses may receive a conditional offer of admission and will be required to satisfactorily complete foundation course work prior to beginning regular MFE course work. Although we only require the courses listed above, instructors in the MFE program will assume that the student has the necessary financial and mathematical backgrounds. Please note you will be competing against students within the classroom that have all the business and math foundation courses listed below. You are encouraged to gain the necessary background by either taking these courses prior to coming to Lehigh or taking these foundation courses during your first term. Taking these courses in your first term will extend your time in the program and these credits will not count towards the 36 credits required.

Recommended Courses