MS in Financial Engineering Capstone

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The MS in Financial Engineering Capstone Project

The Financial Engineering Capstone project requires students to apply their Financial Engineering knowledge in a case-based learning environment. The Lehigh MS in Financial Engineering program is a mix of financial theory, applied mathematics, and engineering.



  • Company and project mentor propose a project
  • Project is reviewed by the faculty mentor
  • Teams of 3 to 4 students each work 10 hours per week
  • Duration of the project: One to two semesters
  • Students work individually or in small groups
  • Project is typically experimental in nature
  • Students identify a problem or need. They then develop the approach and methods needed to address the problem, conduct the research and present the findings in both oral and written formats.
  • Company donates funds to the MS Program


Benefits to Company

  • Opportunity to assess potential talents
  • Low cost opportunity for a fresh look at a problem or need
  • Strengthen ties with the MS program
  • In most cases, all inventions developed during the capstone project belong to the Company
  • Provide students valuable, career-relevant experiences by applying classroom skills to address real world problems


For more information about the MS in Financial Engineering Capstone project, contact Patrick Zoro, Project Mentor, at 484-560-1237 and