Undergraduate Marketing Major

B.S. in Business and Economics Marketing

Marketing Major Overview

The key to success in any business today is its marketing strategy. The entire process of entering markets and creating profitable customers for life is the fundamental challenge faced by today’s marketing manager. More than just advertising and selling, marketing needs to understand the customer’s wants and needs, the desired product and its acceptable price, effective promotions, and how to best deliver the product to the customer. Effective marketing influences not only the target audience, but company-wide departments as well. Only by working with engineering to design the right products, finance to obtain the funding, production to make the product, and accounting to measure profitability goals, can a business survive and grow in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Be it government, not-for-profit organizations, or free enterprise, marketing will play the lead role in how organizations succeed in the new economy.

Lehigh's Marketing major is a rigorous and highly relevant curriculum of instruction. Students learn how to recognize the strong linkage between theory and practice, and the need for teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Course activities provide the learning environment for students to acquire professional-level competency throughout the curriculum by developing integrated marketing communication campaigns, designing and implementing marketing research projects, conducting end-user customer and channel partner analyses, participation in product development simulations, and the opportunity to further develop their skills through special externship projects and corporate internships.

All College of Business students must complete the Core Curriculum, as well as the requirements for their major area of study.

Required for All Business Majors

  • MKT 111: Principles of Marketing

Required for All Marketing Majors

  • MKT 311: Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 312: Marketing Research
  • MKT 387: Marketing Strategy

Marketing Electives

Three courses or nine credits are required for marketing majors.

  • MKT 313: Advertising & Sales Promotion Strategy
  • MKT 314: Digital & Social Media
  • MKT 319: Development & Marketing of New Products
  • MKT 320: Global Marketing
  • MKT 325: Consumer Insights through Data Analysis
  • MKT 326: Marketing Analytics in a Digital Space
  • MKT 327: Retail Marketing
  • MKT 330: Professional Selling
  • MKT 332: Sales Management
  • MKT 347: Strategic Brand Management
  • MKT 366: Services Retailing & Marketing
  • MKT 371: Directed Readings
  • MKT 372: Special Topics

Other Recommended Course

  • MKT 373 Marketing Internship (one credit course; can be taken twice)

For full descriptions of these courses, link to catalog.