MS in Financial Engineering - Forge a Career Path in Quantitative Finance

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Friday, April 8, 2022
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About the Program

The Lehigh MS in Financial Engineering (MFE) program is a top ranked program with a 30 credit-hour STEM-designated program designed to provide students with a strong education in quantitative finance using key concepts from financial theory, applied mathematics, and engineering. Courses are taught within each college (Finance, Mathematics and Engineering) thus providing a total immersion for the students. The curriculum is intended for career opportunities in areas such as asset management, securities trading, investment banking, risk management, and Big Data Analytics. Students work on hands-on projects all year long under the sponsorship of industry experts. The program design allows students to complete the course requirements on campus or online in one or two calendar years.

STEM Designated Degree

The MS in Financial Engineering program contains an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes STEM fields, which qualifies the program as a STEM designated degree.

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