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We take our career work for our Lehigh Graduate Business students seriously by providing students with not only the foundational mindset, programs, tools and concepts to manage themselves through the MSBA transitional year but also in their leadership career journeys ahead.

Through group work and one-to-one highly customized sessions, we begin the MSBA Career Journeys with creating personal branding, telling professional stories, preparing for mock interviews and interviews, diagnosing and activating networks, developing career options and negotiating job offers — and pulling it all together with a marketplace transitional presentation from former alumni to make MS in Business Analytics students aware of what is ahead in their new organizations, roles and marketplaces – as they transition themselves from graduate students to business professionals.

By applying their technical and professional skills, MSBA students prepare for professional development opportunities such as networking conversations, mock interviews and career events to navigate their career journeys. Students attend program-specific events that help them expand their networks and explore opportunities with companies to leverage their MSBA curriculum. With connections to New York and Philadelphia, MSBA students gain a unique learning experience by connecting classroom concepts to real-world experiences with partner companies through the Lehigh Business Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh and the Center for Digital Marketing Strategy and Analytics. This leading edge and intimate program, enables students to strengthen their career identities in the area of business analytics and ability to translate analytics into making better business decisions and driving positive change. 


Embarking on a Transformative Career Journey With Lehigh University

Lehigh University offers a comprehensive career journey program, helping students transition from academia to professional life. Anne-Mette Halvorson, Director of Career and Professional Development, shares Lehigh’s strategies for graduate student career support.

This article was originally published by MASTERGRADSCHOOLS, a leading source of information for prospective master's students.