SBDC Receives $375K Grant to Allow Equitable Access to Entrepreneurs

Image by HGA/Anton Grassl

The Lehigh University Small Business Development Center is launching a new program dedicated to shaping a more inclusive and vibrant entrepreneurial landscape.

Bethlehem, PA

The Lehigh Valley Equitable Entrepreneurship Project (LVEEP) is an endeavor that aims to champion equitable futures, empower entrepreneurs and expand access to opportunities for all. This program is made possible by a $375,000 grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s University Center initiative.

“The LVEEP is a response to the unique challenges faced by historically underserved entrepreneurs,” says Brett Smith, director of Lehigh’s Small Business Development Center. “By promoting local sourcing, supplier diversity and equitable access to capital, LVEEP is redefining business norms to foster a diverse and resilient economy.”

Through events, engagement and the leveraging of local resources, LVEEP seeks to uphold their mission to boost entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and ensure a level playing field, according to Smith.

“As LVEEP takes its first steps,” says Smith, “we envision a future where entrepreneurship transcends barriers, empowers individuals from all backgrounds and drives the growth of the Lehigh Valley.”