Supply Chain Management: Continuous Improvement

This program is designed for mid-level and senior managers and is available as part of our Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership.

Program Dates: There are no currently scheduled dates for a public offering of this program.
Delivery: Live Online - 6 sessions OR 2 days In-Person
(Participants need to complete all sessions to meet the program requirements). 
Program Cost: $2195

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Program Overview:

Today’s hyper competitive markets mean company survival depends on continuous improvement. As the manufacturing sector knows only too well, new competitors can spring up seemingly overnight from anywhere around the globe. The same is now true for service industries. Staying on top takes a comprehensive strategy that focuses on both reducing costs and increasing quality. For companies like Toyota, Nestlé, and the Mayo Clinic, that strategy involves Kaizen, the Japanese method for continuous improvement. 

In this dynamic program, you will learn the principles of Kaizen and how to apply them in your organization. From methods for getting employees motivated and engaged, to tools for identifying and addressing waste and inefficiencies in your current processes, lessons are taught with hands-on practice and applications. You will learn specific techniques for adding value and reducing costs, including the best use of your available space, resources, and talent. Understanding Kaizen and how to bring it to your company (or improve your existing efforts) will help you become a more important contributor, adding tremendous value that makes your organization more competitive.

Impact & Benefits:

  • Understand management roles and responsibilities
  • Learn methods for assuring employee involvement and empowerment, in part by focusing on the process for improvements
  • Evaluate current processes using Six Sigma techniques
  • Increase efficiencies through better organization and visual management
  • Improve work procedures and processes through standardization 
  • Match supply with demand and balance assembly lines, eliminating waste
  • Use Value Stream Mapping to increase process responsiveness to customer needs

Who Should Attend?

Mid-level managers and functional experts with at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience interested in obtaining new knowledge and skills for success in Supply Chain Management and Operations-based positions.


Philip Coles, M.B.A., M.S., Professor of Practice in Management, Lehigh University. In addition to his formal education, Professor Coles studied lean and continuous improvement at The Kaizen Institute, the Manufacturer’s Resource Center, and the Toyota Supplier Support Center. He has over 30 years of industry experience, including as Vice President of Strategic Management, Project Manager, and Kaizen Facilitator in charge of the continuous improvement program at a multi-million dollar produce company. In this role, he visited world-class manufacturing companies such as Dell and Toyota to learn about their supply chains. Learn more about Professor Coles by visiting his faculty profile page. The page lists information on his latest publications including, "Don’t Blame Lean Production Methods for Shortages - Inventory is not necessarily good or bad. It depends." in Supply Chain Management Review.

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