Executive Education Certificate Programs

While individual programs focus on the specific knowledge and skills professionals need to succeed, certificate programs offer greater depth and breadth while demonstrating a stronger commitment to personal development. Certificates set you apart in the workplace - advanced credentials enhance your resume, opening doors to more senior positions and greater earning potential. 

Lehigh’s certificate programs are designed to provide the most practical and applicable knowledge and skills for you or your employees. The flexibility that comes with choosing among a growing number of programs means that earning an advanced credential doesn’t require an extensive time commitment. Certificates consist of four programs and can be completed in just a few months or stretched out over 3 years.

The cost of your certificate is determined based on the individual programs you select.  All of our available discounts, including those offered to organizations that send multiple participants through the certificate series, can be applied. More details on discounts can be found in our FAQs.  

Please contact us to discuss your specific career goals and education needs. We will help you create a program based on your individual preferences. Call 610-758-3562 to speak to our Program Manager or email us at execed@lehigh.edu.