Ph.D. Recent Job Placements

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Where do our Ph.D. graduates end up?

Find out where they first started, and where they are in their careers today.



Ilya Kukaev: West Virginia University, Post Doctoral Researcher

Nawar Nayeem: Louisiana State University, Department of Economics, Visiting Assistant Professor

Kai-Teh Tzeng

Bingjin (Ben) Xue: University of New Hampshire, Department of Economics, Assistant Professor

Yizhao (Andy) Wang: St. Lawrence University, Department of Economics, Visiting Assistant Professor



Kevin Smith: Beloit College, Department of Economics and Business, Assistant Professor 


Pei-Chuan Ho: University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Postdoctoral Researcher [currently Associate Fellow]



Ahmed Elroukh: DePauw University, Economics Department, Assistant Professor

Wei Fu: University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Postdoctoral Researcher
[currently Assistant Professor of Health Management and Systems Sciences at University of

Chia-Lun Liu: University of Pennsylvania, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Postdoctoral Researcher [currently Associate at Analysis Group]



Jie Chen: Georgia Institute of Technology, Health Economics and Analytics Lab (HEAL),
Postdoctoral Fellow [currently Assistant Professor at James Madison University]

Amy Ehinomen Eremionkhale: Mary Baldwin University, Department of Economics/College of
Arts and Sciences, Assistant Professor [currently Assistant Professor of Business at DePauw

Bita Fayaz Farkhad: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Social Action Lab, Postdoctoral
Research Associate [currently Research Assistant Professor at the Annenberg School of
Communication, University of Pennsylvania]

Xuan Li: Capital One, Principal Quantitative Associate [currently Manager, Quantitative
Analysis/Data Science]

Qichao Shi: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, School of Economics,
Assistant Professor [currently Associate Professor]

Yue Yuan: Altfest Personal Wealth Management, Researcher



Erkmen Giray Aslim: Erkmen Giray Aslim: (i) Minerva Schools at KGI, (ii) Texas A&M University; (i) School of Social Sciences, (ii) Private Enterprise Research Center; (i) Assistant Professor of Economics, (ii) Postdoctoral Research Associate [currently Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University]

Li Zeng: Huntington National Bank, Risk Modeling Analyst

Xingyue (Luna) Zhang: University of Washington Tacoma, Milgard School of Business, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics



Xiaohui Guo: University of International Business and Economics, School of Insurance and
Economics, Assistant Professor [currently Assistant Professor at Capital University of
Economics and Business]

Jie Peng: UnitedHealth Group, Optum Senior Healthcare Economics Consultant [currently
Associate Director]

Katia Ponomareva: Axtria, Senior Associate



Dante DeAntonio: Moody's Analytics, Economist - Senior Director [currently Senior Director]

Cheng Wang: Axtria, Senior Associate



Adam Biener: Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, Economist [currently Assistant
Professor at Lafayette College]

Rhea Bhatta: Washington & Jefferson College, Department of Economics and Business, Assistant Professor

Lizhong Peng: American Institutes for Research, Economist [currently Associate Professor,
West Georgia University]

Mengcen Qian: Fudan University, School of Public Health, Assistant Professor

Krishna Regmi: Georgia College & State University, Department of Economics, Visiting
Assistant Professor [currently Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University]

Yang Yu: Axtria, Senior Associate [currently Senior Data Scientist at McKesson/ Ontada]



Cheng Chen: Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, School of Economics; Assistant
Professor [currently Assistant Professor at Nanjing Audit University, School of Economics]

Shanshan Liu: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Strategic Informatics [currently Health
Data Consultant]


Tianyan Hu: University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Post-Doctoral Fellowship [currently
Director at Merck]

Matt Saboe: West Chester University, Department of Economics & Finance, Assistant Professor
[currently Full Professor]



Lea Gimenez Duarte: The World Bank, Staff Economist [former finance minister of Paraguay]​​​​​​​

Suhui Li: George Washington University, School of Public Health & Health Services, Assistant
Professor [currently senior researcher at Mathematica]

Sabrina Terrizzi: Moravian College, Department of Economics & Business, Assistant Professor
[currently Associate Professor of Economics and Business at Moravian University]