Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Ph.D. Job Market Candidates 2022-2023

Ilya Kukaev
Fields: Macro-Labor, Labor, Regulatory Economics
Job Market Paper: The Effects of Linguistically Assimilated Immigrants on Native Employment: Evidence from Europe
References: Ahmed Rahman, Felipe Araujo, Muzhe Yang

Nawar Nayeem
Fields: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
Job Market Paper: ADHD Diagnosis and Risk-Based Heterogeneity in Medical Expenditures
References: Shin-Yi Chou, Ahmed Rahman, Erkmen Aslim

Kai-Teh Tzeng
Fields: Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, Machine Learning
Job Market Paper: Start Slow and Finish Fast : Evidence from Florida Emergency Rooms
References: Shin-Yi Chou, Ahmed S. Rahman

Bingjin (Ben) Xue
Fields: Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
Job Market Paper: The Impact of Switching Electronic Health Record Developers on Physician Patient-Sharing Patterns
References: Chad Meyerhoefer, Ernest Lai, Jee-Hun Choi

Yizhao (Andy) Wang
Fields: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Applied Game Theory, Health Economics
Job Market Paper 1: Consumer Behavior and Product Return Policies
Job Market Paper 2: Start or Quit: the Effect of E-Cigarette Innovations on Smoking Behaviors of the Adolescents
References: James Dearden, Jee-hun Choi, Olena Nikolsko-Rzhevska