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The Program

Lehigh's Ph.D. in Business and Economics is a full-time program in economics offering fields of specialization in health economics, applied econometrics, empirical macroeconomics, and labor economics. The program admits cohorts of 6 to 9 students every other year. With the small class size, students are able to work closely with faculty in their research.

Applicants from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. However, past applicants who have been admitted and did well in the program typically had undergraduate coursework that included intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, probability and statistics, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and real analysis. Applicants who fall short of completing these courses would still be considered.

STEM Designated Degree

Lehigh’s Ph.D. in Business and Economics is a STEM designated degree.

The PhD Project University Partnership

The PhD Project recognizes Lehigh University as a participating university that demonstrates a strong commitment to diversifying our campus, the academic world as a whole, and the future of corporate America. To learn more about the PhD Project and available resources, please click here.