Ph.D. in Business & Economics Tuition and Funding

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Tuition for the Ph.D. in Business and Economics Program 

Cost per credit hour: $1,340


Wellness Fee

$110 per semester (Fall, Spring). Total of $220 per year.

The Wellness Fee supports the Health Center in its mission to provide access to physical and mental health care. 


Financial Guarantee

(International Applicants Only)

International applicants who accept the offer of admission must submit their financial guarantee demonstrating sufficient funds to meet educational expenses for expenses for one year of study. Include a letter of sponsorship if the expenses will be paid by someone other than the student. The minimum amount to show solvency for immigration documents is $47,412 and includes the following costs:

  • Tuition (includes Wellness Fees) $24,340
  • Health Insurance & Other Expenses $5,032
  • Living Expenses (11 months) $18,040
  • Total $47,412

Please note: $47,412 is the minimum amount for immigration purposes. The financial guarantee amount does not include personal and transportation expenses, therefore, actual costs may be greater.


Funding Packages

All students accepted into the Ph.D. Program are offered funding packages, subject to satisfactory progress, that guarantee four academic years of tuition remission and a monthly stipend (9-month per year) to cover living expenses. Though not guaranteed, almost all students in the past also received funding in their fifth year.

The standard funding package provided by the College of Business requires students to serve as teaching assistants during each semester. There are also selective research assistantships or semester-long fellowships with no duty available in the third or fourth year of study.

Outstanding applicants to the program will be considered for Presidential and University fellowships. Recipients of these fellowships receive the monthly stipend during their first year of study with no duty.

There are also summer funding opportunities available for Ph.D. students at all levels to apply. The summer supports are typically provided in the form of research assistantships and teaching of summer courses. Historically, a high proportion of students who remained at Lehigh during the summer have received summer support.

Although we do not accept students on a part-time basis, individuals with funding from external sources for full-time study, such as foundation or government fellowships, are welcome to apply to the program.


Immigration Information

Accept the offer of admission and pay the deposit as instructed in your offer letter.

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) offers a comprehensive website for admitted degree-seeking students that lists detailed information on the following:

  • F1 or J-1 visa process
  • Housing
  • Health insurance and vaccination information
  • International student orientation'
  • Arrival information



The Office of Housing Services provides assistance and information for graduate students.  Housing options typically fall into three categories: University-owned and operated housing, affiliated housing, and off-campus rental housing. Explore your options early by visiting the Office of Housing Services website.


Health Insurance

All graduate students registered full-time (9 or more credits per term) or certified as a full-time student are required to have health insurance coverage. 

Lehigh University offers a student health insurance plan available for purchase through University Health Plans. Domestic students may waive the university’s offer of insurance by providing proof of coverage from a qualified plan. All F-1 and J-1 students must enroll in the university’s plan. 

The premium for the academic year 2022-2023 was $2,259 for the period from 8/15/22 to 8/14/23. Supplemental coverage for 6/20/22 to 8/14/22 was also required for $324. Final rates and deadlines for 2023-2024 are not yet available so please note that coverage periods will be similar and costs may increase slightly.

You must be registered for coursework before you can purchase health insurance through the university’s student plan.  

Part-time students are not eligible to purchase insurance through Lehigh University's student plan.