Lehigh Business students are prepared for post-graduate success. Most recent results (Class of 2023) report 95.4% of business grads are employed, continuing education, or pursuing military or volunteer service within six months of graduation. At a rate of 80.8% employed, the College of Business has the highest post-graduation employment rate at Lehigh.

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Lehigh Business faculty are actively engaged in a systematic assurance of learning process.  Student achievement of specified learning outcomes is assessed regularly across the core curriculum and in each major, to ensure academic quality, relevance, and continuous improvement. 

Graduation Rate

Lehigh University gives undergraduates the unique opportunity to pursue and graduate with any degree, regardless of their College of admission. Most recent results reported by Lehigh’s Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (OIRSA) indicate that 92.7% of students admitted to the College of Business as incoming first-year students graduated with a Lehigh degree within six years, with 84.8% of these students graduating in six years with a business degree. Lehigh University’s overall six-year graduation rate was 89.2%. (The data in this paragraph is based on the 2017 Entering Cohort.)

Continued Engagement after Graduation

Alumni engagement is a critical indicator of business program success. Lehigh Business currently has a network of more than sixteen thousand undergraduate alumni. Alumni are actively engaged in the Lehigh Business undergraduate experience in a variety of ways including classroom visits, on-campus recruiting, mentoring, hosting internships, sponsoring projects, and participation in Advisory Councils at College and Undergraduate Programs levels. The generosity of Lehigh alumni also supports many special opportunities for business undergraduates including Tauck Scholarships, the Martindale Student Associate Program, our Lehigh Business Student to Professional Program, Lehigh Startup Academy, and many others.

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