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The College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office has an unwavering commitment to helping business students transition from undergraduates to young professionals. We are dedicated to attracting talented students, supporting academic success, and developing leaders. In that spirit students in the College of Business participate in the Student to Professional Program. This four year program is designed to prepare our students for the competitive job landscape.

Program Overview

The Student to Professional co-curriculum is a four tier program hosted through Suitable, an app and website that helps students track their progress through the program. 

Tier 1: Students build a foundation for their essential career skills and knowledge through required coursework in their first semester (e.g., BUS 001, IBE 010, BUS 003). Tier 1 includes:

  • Finding career research resources
  • Learning networking resources
  • Creating college level résumé
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Practicing your elevator pitch 

Tier 2: Students engage in community building, cohort based, co-curricular program in the spring semester of their first year. Tier 2 strengthens students' knowledge and planning in key professional areas. IBE Students take IBE 050 to earn the Tier 2 badge. Tier 2 includes:

  • Navigating LinkedIn and professional networks
  • Academic goal setting
  • Building your personal brand
  • Crafting an experiential learning/internship plan

Tier 3: Enhances our students' personal preparation as they actively apply for experiential learning opportunities, including internships. Tier 3 is a self-paced program which includes:

  • Completing mock employment interview
  • Completing informational interview
  • Attend two self-selected growth activities
  • Declaring specialization(s)

Tier 4: Allows students to participate in specialized activities/programs organized by major, industry or skill.

Additionally, throughout the program students have the opportunity to receive mentorship from peers, faculty, and alumni. 

Learn About the CCPD

The Center for Career and Professional Development at Lehigh University provides career services for students.

More Information for Current Students

Current students visit our Student to Professional Google site for more detailed information.