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Danny Zane on Would You Buy Something Just Because it was Pi Day?

Sales promotions centered on special days like Pi Day on March 14 can be an effective lure for shoppers, a recent study suggests.

Rebecca Wang and Mathew Isaac On How Religious Ads Can Hurt Faith-Based Colleges

Colleges and universities using overtly religious advertising risk having prospective students rate their STEM and even business programs lower, research suggests.

IBE Capstone Project: Crowdfunding to Fight Domestic Violence

Members of the 2022 Integrated Business and Engineering Program choose to focus their IBE capstone project on Finability, a nonprofit helping fight domestic violence.

Losing Their Religion? Reputational Harm to Universities from Overtly Religious Advertising

In new research, recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Advertising, researchers find consistent evidence that when a university uses overtly religious advertising or marketing communications, stakeholders’ evaluations of academic programs that are closely related to religion (e.g., Theology & Ministry, religious studies) increase. Learn more.

Beibei Dong on the Risks of Letting AI Choose Your News

Research by two Lehigh Business faculty members suggests there is cause for concern over the increasing role AI plays in choosing what appears in our news feeds.

Hands-On Business Classes Give Students Real-World Advantages

Many Lehigh Business classes allow you to team up with other students to solve real-world business problems.

Eric Fang on Our Digital Transformation

Eric Fang discusses how digital transformation is revolutionizing the business world, and his vision for the new Lehigh Business Center for Digital Marketing Strategy and Analytics.

Ludovica Cesareo on COVID-19 Fashion and Holiday Shopping

What's hot this holiday shopping season? Buying online, gifts for home, and COVID-19 luxury face masks.

Daniel Zane on Getting Conservatives and Liberals to Agree on the COVID-19 Threat

A new study suggests that changing how U.S. political leaders, public health officials, and policymakers communicate about the COVID-19 pandemic could help bridge the partisan divide between how conservatives and liberals respond to it.

In Marketing, Is Co-creation a Double-Edged Sword?

Welcome to the world of co-creation, where customers are no longer a passive audience, but active co-producers who are defining and refining a brand’s value proposition.