This is the Decision and Technology Analytics topic for Lehigh Business Thought Leadership.

Kofi Arhin on AI and the Hiring Process

In training AI systems on hiring, adding external information to data on past company hiring decisions can help make the process fairer, a study suggests.

Saif Mir on the Effect of Nudging on Truckers

Can truckers be nudged into being mindful about the social, environmental and financial effects of how long they let their trucks idle and changed their idling behavior?

Zach Zacharia on Top 3rd Quarter Risks to Supply Chain

Growing concerns about Cybersecurity and Data Risk top the latest Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index by a wide margin.

The Impact of AI on Universities and Students

Lehigh’s Cathy Ridings and Greg Reihman discuss how Chat GPT and other generative AI tools may affect issues ranging from academic integrity to efficiency and quality of human work.

Brian Merchant on the Limitations of Technology

In all the debate swirling around the new wave of AI chatbots, it can be hard to separate the hype from what’s real, the writer, tech journalist and author says.

Zach Zacharia on the Biggest Threats to the Global Supply Chain

Heading into 2023, Economic Risk—spurred by the war in Ukraine, inflation, and labor shortages—tops the Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index.

Georgette Chapman Phillips on the Year of Learning

In this episode of Lehigh University’s College of Business ilLUminate podcast, we are speaking with Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips about the Year of Learning program.

Zach Zacharia on Supply Chain Risks - 3rd Quarter 2022

Economic Risk poses the greatest threat to the global supply chain in the 3rd quarter of 2022, according to the new Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index.

Zach Zacharia on What’s Happening with the Supply Chain Now?

The economy, transportation disruption and issues with suppliers pose the highest levels of risk in the new Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index.

David Rea on Health Care, Food and Fairness

How do we increase fairness and justice in the delivery of basic needs services, such as food distribution and health care? David Rea discusses his research.