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Zach Zacharia and Steve Scala – What Every CFO Needs to Know about Supply Chains

What impact does supply chain digitization have on a company's bottom line? Find out what the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh and DiCentral discovered in a new research report.

What Every CFO Needs to Know About Supply Chains

Lehigh Center for Supply Chain Research lead the effort surveying 125 CEOs and CFOs to dive deeper into how physical and financial supply chains affect corporate performance.

Zach Zacharia on Supply Chain Risk - First Quarter 2021

What are the biggest risks looming for the supply chain in the first quarter of 2021? Zach Zacharia discusses the latest Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index report.

Supply Chain Risks Drop Slightly in 4th Quarter

Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index says to be prepared for potential operational disruptions.

Zach G. Zacharia on the Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index (LRMI)

The quarterly Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index, or LRMI for short, is a valuable new tool that allows supply chain managers to focus on the most critical risks for the upcoming quarter. Zach G. Zacharia explains.

Data Analysis Helps Identify Effective Tools, Strategies That Drive Online Traffic

The strategies and tools online shopping and crowdfunding sites use can play a key role in whether they are successful.

Eastern Broccoli Project Addresses Food Security While Helping Local Farmers

California produces 90 percent of all broccoli consumed in the U.S., creating food security concerns. The Eastern Broccoli Project is working to grow an alternate source.

Zach Zacharia on Supply Chains During COVID-19

Lehigh University’s College of Business associate professor Zach Zacharia talks about how supply chains are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile Money + Mobile Technology Keeps Customers from Roaming

Bundling mobile money with mobile technology increases the odds customers will remain with a wireless carrier even if the price rises, research shows.

Overcoming the Challenges of Supply Chain Disruptions

With the end of the coronavirus pandemic remaining unknown, it is critical for companies to initiate conversations with their essential trading partners in an effort to respond in the near term while planning for the future.