Kathleen Weiss Hanley and Hank Korth Explain Blockchain

Lehigh professors Kathleen Weiss Hanley and Hank Korth explain blockchain and bitcoin.

Liuba Belkin on Supervisor Compassion and Employee Gratitude During the Pandemic

Research shows that supervisors who expressed care and compassion to employees at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic elicited gratitude beneficial to the employee and organization.

Zach Zacharia on Red Flags in the Supply Chain

Transportation disruption risk, economic risk, and supplier risk are at the highest levels for any risk category since the Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index was launched more than a year ago. How concerned should we be?

Losing Their Religion? Reputational Harm to Universities from Overtly Religious Advertising

In new research, recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Advertising, researchers find consistent evidence that when a university uses overtly religious advertising or marketing communications, stakeholders’ evaluations of academic programs that are closely related to religion (e.g., Theology & Ministry, religious studies) increase. Learn more.

Beibei Dong on the Risks of Letting AI Choose Your News

Research by two Lehigh Business faculty members suggests there is cause for concern over the increasing role AI plays in choosing what appears in our news feeds.

Zach Zacharia on the Disruptive New Paradigm of the Physical Internet

The physical internet seeks to make moving freight around the world as seamless as moving data on the digital internet. What's the biggest challenge? Humans.

Jesus Salas on Privatizing the U.S. Postal Service

Is privatization a realistic option for the U.S. Postal Service? We talk with Jesus Salas, associate professor in the College of Business' Perella Department of Finance, about the pros and cons.

How Much do Shareholders Really Value Female Directors?

Shareholders clamor for diverse boards. So why aren’t they voting accordingly when the ballots are tallied in director elections?

Corinne Post on Is the Future Female?

Study after study shows that having women on corporate boards brings a myriad of benefits to firms. So why does progress remain so slow?