The Catch-22 of Intra-Team Rivalry

Intra-team rivalry can, under the right circumstances, boost individual and team performance. But beware the dark side.

What You Need to Know to File Your 2019 Tax Returns

A handy primer to the sweeping tax law changes enacted by Congress two years ago that can help you navigate the good news and the not-so-good news.

Shareholders Step Up on Credit Default Swaps

When looking at innovative financial products like credit default swaps, you need to look at the totality of the related effects they have on firms and their stakeholders.

Can Public Pensions Help Close the US Infrastructure Gap?

Models that have been successful in other countries can shed light on how pension capital might evolve into a financing solution for desperately needed U.S. public infrastructure improvements.

Rethinking the MBA

Rethinking the MBA means keeping our commitment to the MBA as the gold standard of educational excellence, while looking for innovative ways to increase access for talented students.

Policymakers Should Focus More on Prenatal Care, Study Suggests

A recent study that shows pregnant women with long-distance commutes are at higher risk for adverse birth outcomes highlights the need for more public discussion about prenatal care.

Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Supply Chain

The Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh's 2019 Fall Forum will explore the technology, techniques, and tactics companies need to succeed.

The Surprising Truth About Immigration and Tech Growth

When high-tech jobs boom in an area, immigration often does, too. But it primarily occurs at the lower-skilled end of the labor spectrum, research shows.

MS in Accounting (for non-accounting majors)

This is the landing page for the MS in Accounting at Lehigh Business.

How the Monday Effect Hurts Supply Chain Performance

Supply chain operations performance on Mondays is worse than other weekdays. If supply chain managers are not aware of that, how can they possibly deal with it?