Zach Zacharia on Supply Chain Risks - 3rd Quarter 2022

Economic Risk poses the greatest threat to the global supply chain in the 3rd quarter of 2022, according to the new Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index.

Mary Beth Deily and Oliver Yao on Paying More to Signal Status

Contrary to conventional wisdom, certain wealthy, knowledgeable consumers may be willing to pay more for luxury goods with a "quiet" brand logo, research suggests.

Parveen Gupta & Heibatollah Sami on Effects of Boardroom Gender Diversity

Do women on corporate boards improve long-term firm performance? Two Lehigh Business professors discuss their study examining that question.

Judy Samuelson on the Six New Rules of Business

The Aspen Institute’s Judy Samuelson discusses the need for corporations to make longer-term investments to create real value, instead of focusing solely on shareholder value.

Liuba Belkin on Improving Employer and Government Responses to Crises

Two recent studies shine light on how the federal government and employers, respectively, could improve how they respond to future crises.

Gauri Subramani on Gender and Resource Inequality in Innovation

Why are women so badly underrepresented in the U.S. patent process, a key measure of innovation? Gauri Subramani’s research helps shed light on what’s going on.

Danny Zane on Would You Buy Something Just Because it was Pi Day?

Sales promotions centered on special days like Pi Day on March 14 can be an effective lure for shoppers, a recent study suggests.

Jim Dearden and Chad Meyerhoefer on Restaurant Wine Pricing

Planning to order wine with dinner at a restaurant this Valentine's Day? Caveat emptor: A recent study shows that restaurants charge more for bottles of wine that they also sell by the glass.

Ahmed Rahman Explains the Pandemic Labor Market

Ahmed Rahman discusses how the pandemic and other factors have contributed to high job openings and low hiring in the U.S. labor market.

Zach Zacharia on What’s Happening with the Supply Chain Now?

The economy, transportation disruption and issues with suppliers pose the highest levels of risk in the new Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index.