Connected Leadership: Communicating for Influence and Impact

This online program is designed for mid-level and senior managers and is available as part of our Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership.

Program Dates: Future dates to be announced
Delivery: In-Person on Lehigh's Campus
Program Cost: $1,195 (Includes materials and meals)

Private Delivery Available: If you have a group of 15 or more, please contact us at to arrange for a private offering of this program! This program is available in 2 formats: live online (3 sessions) or in-person (1 day).

Lehigh Connected Leadership Course, Executive Education Program with Michelle Tillis Lederman

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Program Overview

Do you want to be a leader people want to work for? Creating a strong, engaged team translates into a more positive work environment, lower turnover, and greater productivity and collaboration. It also has a direct effect on your organization’s bottom line. According to a Gallup study on workforce engagement, companies with engaged employees outperform their competition by 147%.

A Connected Leader is able to create a collaborative environment where everyone can be the best versions of themselves. Before starting the program, you will complete the Thinking Preferences Assessment (TPA)* to understand better how you prefer to make decisions, communicate, and solve problems. With this understanding, you’ll be able to recognize the elements that drive your leadership, your reputation, and your engagement with your team.

During the program, you will discover how your communication style shapes your interactions with your team. You’ll identify the styles of your team members and learn what motivates and demotivates different styles. You will discover the four pillars of trust, the conscious and unconscious actions that build and break trust, and a five-step model to restore broken trust. This program will allow you to build stronger relationships and loyalty with your colleagues and get the most out of your team.

Connected Leadership will enable you to identify the characteristics of a connected leader and the qualities of the leader you want to be. You will leave with increased clarity on your current and desired leadership brand.

*The Thinking Preferences Assessment (TPA) by NBI® is an online assessment each participant will complete prior to the program. The TPA reveals your Individual Thinking Preferences – that is, which part of your brain you prefer to exercise the most in thinking and learning.


Impact & Benefits

  • Improve collaboration and reduce conflict by recognizing and flexing different communication modes
  • Discover your personal Thinking Preferences* and how to easily identify those of others
  • Leverage your teams’ strengths by understanding style motivations and influences
  • Build trust to improve productivity, morale, loyalty, and retention
  • Lead with confidence and authenticity
  • Discover the visual, vocal, and verbal tools and distractors that impact your image
  • Determine your current and desired leadership brand 


Michelle Tillis Lederman is an expert on workplace communications and relationships. Named by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Networking Experts, Michelle is a speaker, trainer, coach, and author of four books including The Connectors Advantage and the internationally recognized, The 11 Laws of Likability.

She received her BS from Lehigh University, and her MBA from Columbia Business School holds the PCC designation from the International Coaching Federation and is certified in Marshall Goldsmith’s  Stakeholder Centered Coaching method.  Michelle Tillis Lederman, M.B.A., author of four books on leadership and careers, executive coach, and CEO of Executive Essentials.



“I loved Michelle's course! The lessons and ideas she shared throughout the day helped me understand my own strengths and how important it is to understand the personality strengths of the people you work. Through class participation she was able to demonstrate how by adjusting your approach with certain people, personalities, you may find more success in your relationships. Michelle provided a lot of information but stressed that it is okay to start with 1 or 2 things to focus on at a time. I highly recommend the course.”

-Jami Bisetti Neary, Senior Manager - Cost Segregation Services, Mazars USA LLP

Attending Michelle's class provided a thought-provoking opportunity to not only examine my own personality type but to also provide tools to help determine the dominant personality types of individuals with whom I interact and methods to optimize those interactions. Michelle has an in depth understanding of the topic and uses just the right amount of student interaction to keep the classroom engaged and maximize learning.

-Tony Sneska, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Eagle Materials

Being in the IT industry I get to be an audience member to a lot of speakers who preach about leadership. Michelle’s approach to engaging an audience was completely fresh, insightful, and it actually led to me making a change in behavior. She actually found a brilliant way to create impact when she showed you the behavior she wanted you to implement into your daily work routine without the audience realizing it, into her own stage presence. She completely cut through the “noise” of professional advice out there by being very tactical in her presentation.” 

-Calhoun Taylor, Manager, Business Development at SYNNEX

Fantastic course with a lot of energy and insight! Good balance of formal course content with practical group exercises designed to give leaders of all levels insight to their existing skills as well as insight to style(s) they may not have thought of. Great course for those in leadership roles, sales roles where understanding your customer's style is critical to success, and those in influential leadership roles.

-Curtis Junge, Digital Technology Business Relationship Director, Americas at Air Products


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