AI Unveiled: From Core Concepts to Innovative Generative Strategies

This two-day program is designed for those in decision-making roles and those who seek to improve their understanding of finance. This program is available as part of our Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership.

Program Dates: September 19 & 20, 2024
Two Days In-Person at Lehigh University
(Participants need to complete both sessions to meet the program requirements). 
Program Cost: $2,195 (Includes meals)

Private Delivery Available: If you have a group of 15 or more, please contact us at to arrange for a private offering of this program! This program is available in 2 formats: live online or in-person. 

Program Overview

Are you getting “AI Anxious”? According to a 2023 LinkedIn report, nearly half of employees say they are worried they don’t know enough about artificial intelligence (AI), and nearly 40% said they pretend to know more about AI to seem “in the know” in front of colleagues.

In an era where AI is revolutionizing industries across the globe (and being called the largest technological shift since the internet), understanding its nuances and applications is essential for businesses aiming to stay competitive.

Join us for our innovative 2-day program, which covers the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and then offers a deep dive into the transformative potential of generative AI. This program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the power of AI within the scope of your current role. Explore cutting-edge applications beyond ChatGPT, unlock new avenues for innovation, discover how to be more efficient, and learn how generative AI can accelerate growth within your organizations.

Impact & Benefits

Day 1: Understanding AI Terms, Methodologies, and Application

  • Understand the historical context and evolution of AI
  • Define and understand common AI terms
  • Recognize common AI methodologies and their applications and technologies
  • Evaluate the ethical considerations and implications of using generative AI in business contexts

Day 2: Deep-Dive into Generative AI – Hands-On Application

  • Master the foundational concepts and principles of generative AI
  • Learn how generative AI can be utilized for content creation, design, and innovation
  • Understand the role of generative AI in enhancing customer experiences and personalization
  • Discover techniques for implementing generative AI models within existing business frameworks
  • Develop strategies for leveraging generative AI to drive organizational growth and competitiveness

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for individuals without prior coding experience and is tailored to be accessible to those with non-technical backgrounds. It is tailored for executives, managers, and decision-makers across industries who are interested in leveraging the potential of generative AI to drive innovation and growth within their organizations and those seeking a greater understanding of the potential of AI in business settings.


Catherine Ridings, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus in Lehigh University's College of Business, where she taught for 23 years. During her tenure at Lehigh she was the Director of the Undergraduate Business Information Systems program (2006-2013) and the interim department chair of the Decision and Technology Analytics department. She delivered graduate and undergraduate courses in Java programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Database Management.

Her primary research interest is virtual communities, including social networks, social capital, trust, knowledge management and electronic commerce in this context. She also has secondary research interests in technology adoption and acceptance. She is the recipient of Lehigh's Robert and Christine Staub Faculty Excellence Award (2020) and Lehigh's Deming Lewis Faculty Award (2023).

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